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New/Decent browser MMOs?

CamShirayukiCamShirayuki Member UncommonPosts: 23
So, that. o: I haven't seen many decent ones, and as my internet is complete and utter trash, I really would like to find one. 


  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
    edited July 2016
    No idea if you'll see this. But in case eventually you look back here...or anyone else

    I highly recommend Lands of Hope (NOT Lands of Hope Redemption (decius's newer game), which kinda sucks tbh and is like a facebook game)

    As a warning, the game is kinda dead (population wise). It has seen a boost in activity though since I advertised for him. There is only 3-5 people that actually play it, besides me and usually I'm only one on. It used to be a huge browser game back in 2012, but Decius ran out of funding and shut it down, and it came back late 2015.


    There are tens of thousands of pets you can have (all which you can take into battle), an ultima online-style housing system (can make some pretty epic housing). A very intensive dungeon system where you can make pretty much any dungeon/castle or whatever. TONS of quests. A lot to do, so there is always something to work toward.

    Expansions you can buy (he spent a TON of money developing the game, so no it isn't 100% free, but no monthly fee) for more stuff. Lots of classes, most are free, some you find in the expansions. Just tons of features over all.

    And that doesn't go into the crafting (which you can be a 100% crafter/harvester and even a class for that, that you can start with that does no combat at all. And you can craft a TON of items, which are really important since the game is mostly player run and most stuff (the good stuff anyway, the merchants have cheap basic items. Crafters can make way better stuff).

    You can also find items on monsters, but crafters still tend to make better things than you can find.

    I recommend it, and if anyone else is looking for a browser game, this is by far the best one imo. Its just kinda dead...luckily browser games are easier to boost activity than in an MMO (which if an MMO is dead, it usually stays dead. Browser games can come back alive a lot easier).

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