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GEtting the MMO itch back

DonY81DonY81 Member UncommonPosts: 398
So ive been dabbling with lots of different games Ark to Overwatch. Dead by Daylight to The Culling and more. 

I am really starting to get the itch back to get into something a little deeper. I noticed Conan Exiles is coming 2017 but thats an age off. I really enjoyed AOC despite the hate it got. 

Other games i enjoyed and played. MMOs..

WOW (played this for years)
The Secret World
Wildstar ( a bit)

Moving forward a bit ive kind of got into some survival bits..

Ark Surv Evolved

Survival seems to be where im at more these days. Surviving against the environment and building a damn fine house seems to be a great feeling of accomplishment.

I did think about Gloriz Invictus but im guessing its only good to play in large groups and i dont really do that all the time.

Anyway any help is appreciated.

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