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Come join me in the creation of a Fantasy-world

UbradolUbradol Member UncommonPosts: 45
Greetings mortals

So I have developed a "Open Tibia"-server, as it is called. Open Tibia is a Open-Source MMORPG-engine. The original game is Tibia.

Anyway, I've created an entire new lore and fantasy-world(based on Tibias) but I'm in search of co-creators of basically everything! The big lines have been drawn but there's a lot of room to move around in and there's a lot of maps and history already to have as background for roleplaying-stories etc.

Even though Tibia is one of the oldest and most successful "Roleplaying Games" their "Roleplaying Forum", out of over tens of thousands of active players, doesn't have a single Roleplaying Thread/Story..

Are people still experience adventure? Are people still writing them down? Or have it all stopped..?

Anyways, the Creation-myth/Ground-lore of my Fantasy-world is as follows:

To understand below text one should first watch:

Zathroth, the third of gods, the God of Destruction, have stolen the Secret of Creation from his father Fardos.

This represents the Player stealing the Source-code to Tibia.

Zathroth(The player) continues to re-create copies of Tibia(New OT-servers are started every month and then Reseted and Started over again, while CIPsoft(original Tibia) have 60+ servers and almost all are very inactive and desolate yet many players are still there.).

Fardos creates new things and Zathroth only copies, thus: All Tibia servers/Worlds are fake. Illusions created by Zathroth.

But then there is Argardh(and all other original creations, ofcourse!).. the worlds not yet completely corrupted.

Is there hope for MMORPG? For Open-source? For a Open-Source MMORPG with MINIMAL requirements and graphic? With maximal PvP, Guildwars and Questing in a vast universe created out of love of creation itself. Where a community of players together create the world they are playing in and together forge empires and vaults of gold and coin.

The potential growth is bigger than any other game in history, despite the fact it is a 20 year old game... why?

Because every PC on earth is capable of playing it, and almost all internet-connection aswell. And the Guildwars and PvP is just about to enter a next evolutionary step with Argardh:Knights of Tibia as players will have to form Alliances(guilds+guilds) to Rule Regions. And the Realm of Argardh is too big for 1 Guild/Force to rule alone, so there will always be power-struggles.

Face this fact:

The billions of Asians, Africans and South-Americans without the latest graphic-card also want to play MMORPG. They can't play WoW...

Stand up and tell me, fools, is there any hope for this?  Or shall you all go back to lvling up every last single class on WoW first? F2P, Open-source with low-req/graphic MMORPG launching Open-Beta on 23rd August. Based on Tibia 8.6
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