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12-hour Live Stream: MMO industry veterans Raph Koster, J Todd Coleman & Gordon Walton [Crowfall]

FranciscourantFranciscourant Member UncommonPosts: 356
ArtCraft is preparing the first "Crowfall Live", a 12-hour Twitch stream that will take place on Monday, June 27th, between 8am and 8pm central time. J Todd Coleman, Gordon Walton, Raph Koster and the Crowfall team will entertain us all day with:
  • Live demonstrations from the artists
  • Beat-the-devs playtests
  • Design reveals
  • Future plans
  • Partnership announcement
  • Murder of Crows (behind the scenes - learn more about the developers)
  • Hourly prizes and sales
  • Surprise guests and more

Questions for Raph, Todd or Gordon, can be posted on the official forums.

It should be a cool live stream  =)


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