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WIldstar: Worst Customer Service Ever

KrimzinKrimzin Member UncommonPosts: 681
edited June 2016 in WildStar
So backstory.

I played Wildstar from the beginning. Stayed longer than most, through 2 Server Merges. Finally had enough so i quit.
Fast forward to now.
I try to log into my account.. compromised.
compromised even though my password has multiple Caps/Special Chars/Numbers.
compromised even though I had the Two Step Verification. 

No big deal. I contact CS and immediately get the run around. After 6 emails and having to change my email address I get my account back. Great...No. All my characters 8 50s are intact but the account has been stripped, including 8 Creds and over 100p. I think, no big deal I had an account hacked in WoW and just restored to the last point. So I go through all the emails.. which a hate because they are to cheap to offer phone support. After all this run around they basically say sorry your on your own.

Honestly though, I was only doing it to kill time before Legion but now wouldn't play the game if they paid me.

Dont waste your time on this PoS game. There are to many other good titles coming out.

Just because I'm a gamer doesn't mean I drive a Honda.

Best Duo Ever


  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,492
    Its definitely slow, that's for sure. I had an issue with one of my accounts since the steam release and still haven't heard back from them. Oddly enough, if I have issues with B&S, I usually hear back within a few hours.
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