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Looking for a F2P MMO

js100serchjs100serch Member UncommonPosts: 4
Hi everyone I'm looking for an MMO but there is a high possibility that it is not an MMO what I'm looking for I don't know.

I love games like Dark Souls, Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma, Fallout 4 and I'm a huge fan of WARFRAME. So I was wondering if there is a Medieval MMO kinda of like Warframe?

What I'm looking for:

1.- I like warframe because it lets you go deep into the game in order to make informed purchases. You know what to pay for and what not by eliminating payment walls. So I'm willing to throw some money into the game as long as it lets me know game enough to know my options.
2.- I also love games where you progress, games where you really feel that sence of becomming powerful.
3.- I like open worlds no boundries. I want to go to that mountain over there and get my ass kicked then level up, farm xp, farm materials, craft better weapons and armor, go back there and show them who's the boss.
4.- I love Co-op. I love being the healer, I'm the support character, I'm the one who's got your back all the time. I really really love being the medic.
5.- I like customization, looking unique, different from anyone else.
6.- I'd like to have access to a descent amount of cool weapons and armors for free and this goes back to my point one.

What I hate:

1.- I hate being the choosen one, the last hope of the kingdom, the legendary warrior the prophesied savior... who has to kill 10 spiders along with those other 30 prophesied choosen ones who are doing the same!!!!.
2.- I hate PVP. I'm not a competitive person.
3.- I hate small menus where armors and weapons show like generic icons. How am I supposed to know if I like this Magic Iron Armor if you just show me the stats?. I want to see the goods, show me how it looks like.
4.- I hate fan service, overly sized breasts, lolis, furrys and stuff like that. We are all beautiful and we got beautiful women in the real world so I don't need that stuff in my game.

So that's it thanks =D


  • kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 6,571
    edited June 2016
    Your qualifications are too many every game I think might fit fails on another point. Sorry hope someone else can help you find the game. Good luck.

  • ketzerei84ketzerei84 Member UncommonPosts: 81
    edited June 2016
    If you're looking for a PVE-focused co-op experience: wait for Pantheon. Failing that, try the Progression server(non-F2P, $15USD/sub per month) on EQ or EQ2. also you can preview the goods in most mmos with a ctrl or alt and rclick.

    Edit: Forgot to mention TSW, it's not the medieval/fantasy genre, but its quite co-op, PVE focused(there IS PvP, but never met anybody who does it) and you get the majority of the game for free, with optional content DLCs available for purchase. The end-game is ALSO a DLC, so you do hit a pay wall at some point.

    Playing: Secret World: Legends

    Waiting for: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

  • js100serchjs100serch Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Ok haha, I can lower my requirements to let's say, a fun f2p mmo with a rewarding sence of progression and a not so greedy payment model? =D 

  • DaakkonDaakkon Member UncommonPosts: 607
    Play Wildstar. Very fair pay model (almost too fair). It matches almost all points you make on a game you'd enjoy too.
  • 7SilentNights7SilentNights Member UncommonPosts: 15
    Wildstar or Gw2
  • MurmaiderMurmaider Member UncommonPosts: 122
    Try LoTRO.
    - PvP is there but just a tacked on aspect to the game- not a requirement.
    - You're not the chosen one. You're there to help the fellowship destroy the ring.
    But there are 'kill 30 boars' and such.
    - There is a way to preview armor before equipping it, as well as a cosmetic aspect. It let's you equip an armor that may have great stats, but looks horrible, get covered up by a better looking armor while allowing you to keep the stats
    - Hardly any oversized beasts in the game. There are some, but it's not constant.
    - You progress by gaining new skills as you level and spending points in trait trees.
  • StilliamStilliam Member UncommonPosts: 13
    Give LOTRO a try.
  • reeereeereeereee Member UncommonPosts: 1,636

    4.- I hate fan service, overly sized breasts, lolis, furrys and stuff like that. We are all beautiful and we got beautiful women in the real world so I don't need that stuff in my game.

    A F2P game with no beautiful women in it?  I think Neverwinter or Secret World would be your best bet.  Wait, is Secret World still B2P?  I haven't kept close track of that one. 
  • KonfessKonfess Member RarePosts: 1,667
    Those who want all of that, better be ready to pay for all of that.  Everything good, wanted is locked behind a paywall.  Why?  To encourage everyone to pay for their gaming time.  Oh game "X" is p2w?  No it's not.  What it is, is Pay to Play.  The F2P part is the part you didn't have fun playing, but got to see that the game mechanics work fine.  You don't want to have "fun", then don't buy or pay for the "fun" parts of the game.

    Can I name five games that meet the stated requirements?  No.  I believe that most gamers want those requirements for free, most developer expect those gamers to pay for those features.  Since most gamers won't pay, those that do pay will be paying > 2x $15 / month for said game.

    At this time the only game I feel confident recommending is Mabinogi.  Have fun playing.

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    As if it could exist, without being payed for.
    F2P means you get what you paid for. Pay nothing, get nothing.
    Even telemarketers wouldn't think that.
    It costs money to play.  Therefore P2W.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,682
    edited June 2016
    Ok haha, I can lower my requirements [...]
    No need for lowering them, as mentioned above just try LotRO.

    1- model is really good, you can spend any way you want, unlocking only the parts you need, etc. Or, with enough grind you can have all for free.
    2- progression is just like the old days, even 10 levels difference means a lot, so you will feel the power rise during the leveling for sure
    3- open world, seamless with loading screens at doors, instances, etc. You definitely can go anywhere for an ass-whooping :lol:  (  )
    4- great support classes, and not just healers (more like the classical meaning of support, especially the Captain)
    5, 6- customization, unique and cool looks: just do a web search for LotRO cosmetics, or LotRO fashion :wink:  It has one of the best cosmetic systems out there (maybe CO is the only better one considering the costume options). There are shop-only pieces, but again, you can get shop currency by playing the game, also you said you don't mind throw some money either.

    Dislike section is also a match,
    1- you're definitely not the chosen one (would be impossible since Tolkien already wrote all the important figures :wink: ), you're just a nobody, a resident of Middle-earth who helps the Fellowship on its journey. Kill quests are there, but ignorable, and also you can choose a couple different routes for leveling since the game has tons of XPs in it.
    2- it's a PvE game, designed as one, pvp (called PvMP there) was just a post-launch addition and it is fully separated from the main game. You only see pvp, if you deliberately want to.
    3- there's a dressing room, where you can preview every item you bump into, right on your character, zooming in-out, rotating, trying out the different colours if the current one doesn't fit your character, etc.
    4- no such things, LotRO has a mature playerbase, and the lore is way above that anyways...  (though a couple years ago they added the option for dwarves to remove the shirt... the horror... :lol: )

    reeereee said:
    A F2P game with no beautiful women in it?  I think Neverwinter or Secret World would be your best bet.  Wait, is Secret World still B2P?
    Still b2p, and what do you mean with the first part? :lol:  Here's a magazine for you:
    or a random pic from the forum,
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  • snoockysnoocky Member UncommonPosts: 719

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  • js100serchjs100serch Member UncommonPosts: 4
    I'll check them out thank you very much. That will take a few days though each game takes like 6 hours to download XD
  • StizzledStizzled Member RarePosts: 2,130
    edited June 2016
    I hesitate to mention it, as I don't think it's something that anyone should pick up in its current state without it having a pretty large discount. But, Kings and Heroes might eventually be pretty close to what your looking for. It's something you could keep your eye on.
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