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Looking For a "Summer Get-Away"

GucciwareGucciware Member UncommonPosts: 3
Hey MMORPG community I'm a veteran mmo player and I'm looking for some help picking a game to invest in over summer.
I will start by naming things that I like into categories of REQUIRED, PREFERRED & DISLIKES so without further adieu lets get this post movin'
 REQUIRED: (needs to have at least a couple of these aspects)
1. Job Advancement (something to look forward to and goals to strive towards)
2. Action/Mobile Combat (I find being able to move very fun and I generally enjoy being mobile as I can cast spells and such)
3. Graphically Inclined (What I mean by Graphically Inclined is something that looks nice and isn't a bad looking game, in summary a nice looking game like Tera, BnS, ETC.)
4. Decently Sized Player base (I would prefer to play a game with actual player-thriving communities and not a game that is just filled with barren landscapes and cities)

PREFERRED: (Things that are a nice little bonus that I enjoy)
1. Good PVP, WvW, Arena's ETC. (Things that my friends and I can enjoy on the side after all the grinding we are doing)
2. Good Trading/Enchanting (I enjoy to invest myself in the economy if/when I can but if your recommendation is somewhat weak in this aspect Its 3. totally cool.)
4. Sandbox? (I have a question mark because I haven't really invested myself in an MMORPG with a good sandbox mechanic)

1. Major P2W Curve (I.E items only accessible through paying $$$)
2. Kill me i'm Grinding.... ( This pretty much means I dislike endless grindfest that exceeds over 10 hours of the same thing.)
3. Click Movement.... (I understand that some may like this aspect but I am not a fan and would prefer this style of movement was out of the recommendations. 

Thanks For Reading And Please Leave Any Recommendations For Me Below.
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