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Tips for duo team?

DKLondDKLond Member RarePosts: 2,231
I'm a fan of ESO, definitely, but I'm sort of struggling to enjoy it properly in a duo team, with my GF.

Why? Because of how the quests work. A lot of quests involve a ton of talking and going back and forth between NPCs, and some even involve choices that can change the nature of the phase you're in. This makes it pretty painful to quest together in a cooperative fashion, because you constantly have to watch each other to avoid messing things up, and there's not a lot of fun just waiting for your partner to finish talking with an NPC.

So, I'm wondering if it's fun or viable to simply go hunting for dungeons/group events? Can you level up at a steady pace? Are the 4-man dungeons doable with 2 players? Is the dungeon finder fast enough when in a 2-player team?

Any tips for how to enjoy this would be appreciated :)
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