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Brad's posts make me worried



  • Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member UncommonPosts: 507
    edited July 2016
    vorpal28 said:
    Only thing that worries me about P:RotF is the fact people keep calling for it to be 'challenging' and I know that if they make this game hard, it will crash and burn, people have become so used to easier games that they no longer can handle a challenging game when it pops up from time to time.

    The best example was with Wildstar, the game itself was ok, but the dungeons and raids were unforgiving and the amount of people who would fail them was unreal, it got to the point where we would only dungeon run with people we knew could already do them, and would never invite randoms to join us.

    TBH I was playing on the Everquest time locked servers (new ones they opened 6 months+ ago) and the amount of people who couldn't handle even them was revealing, I think for to long now people have been coddled with easy games and no longer can handle harder ones.
    It's not so much people can't handle consequences or "challenge", but they're already playing games/MMO's which give them what they want. Many are just playing old MMO's, like UO servers or EQ emulators or multitudes (*) of others. Some are playing niche single player games. The hard part for an MMO like Pantheon is how to advertise itself well enough to both get the attention of these gamers AND make them pay. It'll be hard because many of them are deeply entrenched and not paying anything to play. I--for example--have enjoyed Wurm Online immensely. I've paid for it. Could Pantheon pull me away from it? Probably. But I played EQ1 and favor Brad's style. Yet a lot of these gamers either didn't play EQ1 or don't care about Brad's style. They'll just keep playing what they're playing and ignore Pantheon.

    I agree harsh consequences and other niche thigns definitely are a bad sign if an MMO wants a high population. This population segment is small. It's already hard enough for MMO's to succeed even if they're WOW clones. Many of those have failed. If it's hard to succeed as a WOW clone, imagine how hard it's to succeed by appealing to a population which must be a fraction of WOW's size?

    (*) - there really are a lot of thigns out there to play. In the many years I've scoured the net, I've seen dozens of MMO's which could be classified as having harsh consequences and/or oldstyle mechanics. It's unbeleivable how many there're. The hard part is finding one which exactly fits what you want. Finding something exactly like EQ--for example--might be impossible. BUt if you're just looking for harsh consequences? That's much easier. And there're lots of single player games. You could play single player games for the rest of your life. I'm still playing games from the 1990's. I've only scratched the surface. is a great intro but it also only scratches the surface.
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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 27,921
    What worries me is that some players have already made up their mind what this game "must be" as opposed to taking it for what it is.

    It's going to launch (hopefully) and because it doesn't have features that some want or because it isn't brutal as brutal  can be or because it does something different people are going to say "well, it had potential NEXT".

    Don't know how many more "nexts" we will have with this type of game.

  • svannsvann Member RarePosts: 2,203
    I dont think people had a problem with EQ progression servers being too hard at all.  The progression servers were too EASY and as a result people tended, for the most part, to hit cap and then be bored until the next expansion opened.
  • ThebeastttThebeasttt Member RarePosts: 1,130
    With regards to vanity pets. It's themepark crap and a waste development time, since you'll see zero ROI due to lack of cash shop. Hardly game breaking but adding Bard or Necro at launch is the wiser choice.

    With regards to 2/3 classes having pets. To quote The Incredibles, "if everyone is special, no one is."
    Nuff said.

    With regards to caravans & mentoring. These are good things people, they build community and replay value which supports the low level community. Just make sure mentoring can't be exploited for PL'ing.

    With regards to the Pantheon forums. You need to open them up. As many have said and I've been saying for years, you have a community of yes men and delusional VG fans pretending to be the majority. You need feedback in it's entirety, not just what you want to hear. You'll hear it at launch anyways and it will be too late.

    With regards to EQ-clone. Brad should embrace this, EQ classic was literally a D&D experience that has yet to be replicated by any game since(including D&D lol). Cloning most of EQ classic automatically makes you innovative by the MMO standards of today.

    With regards to Unity. I hope they have a genius network coding expert because I can already see this game lagging to hell, with thousands of players on an engine known to cause problems in this area.

  • epoqepoq Member UncommonPosts: 394
    Pets are annoying.  Pet classes are the exception, and having pets is part of what makes their class unique.  You see a player with a wolf and you know it's a hunter.  Now everyone has a wolf?  Really? I was super annoyed in BDO to see every single player running around with pets.  It's retarded, and I hope they don't give into this crap.
  • DullahanDullahan Member EpicPosts: 4,519
    edited July 2016
    With regards to the Pantheon forums. You need to open them up. As many have said and I've been saying for years, you have a community of yes men and delusional VG fans pretending to be the majority. You need feedback in it's entirety, not just what you want to hear. You'll hear it at launch anyways and it will be too late.
    This just demonstrates how disconnected you actually are from the reality of Pantheon's official forums. You can go and read the forum for free, so you may want to try doing so before passing opinion's that are clearly incorrect. Specifically the threads discussing pets.

    Agree with you on vanity pets and embracing the EQ clone stigma.

    I also agree that limited mentoring, when properly used, can be beneficial to growing the playerbase and community.

    Caravans, on the other hand, have no place in an mmo that boasts a challenging virtual world. Its nothing but a mechanic that allows aspects of the game to be trivialized, in addition to being highly exploitable.

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