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1.2 done wrong

Astro6Astro6 Member UncommonPosts: 247
Well for the looks of it they did not change the incursion for people with a gear score under 210 it is a waste of time on changeling mode as most people can't survive the shotgunners also it needs to drop loot to make it worth while if you don't make it to the the otherwise people just quit.


  • Tasslehoff35Tasslehoff35 Member UncommonPosts: 962
    Hmm the update has been out for an hour and you are QQing because you can't do the "challenge" mode?  Why don't they just make all the enemies cardboard cut out and hand participation trophies out at the end I bet that would make you feel better ...

    BTW with the new update it shouldn't take you long to get to GS 210 but probably longer than an hour...what a joke
  • Astro6Astro6 Member UncommonPosts: 247
    edited May 2016
    It is not just me i have run the challenging mode of falcon lost over 300 times not once has any group been able to get past wave 11 that is hundreds of players.
    Making it that hard bottlenecks the game where best skilled players only get the loot screw everyone else including people that can only play 3 times a week.
    Sometimes it takes 30 mins of farting around just to get into the mission join group mission bugged can't get in leave find another group bugged can't get in again, and again and again.
    Not to mention that you never end up at the mission your going for i end up in the dark zone or half way across the map also now with 1.2 the map and settings text are bugged can't scroll the map and can't read text in settings even after installing the newest graphics drivers.

    Now look at the new weapon the devs said everyone was waiting for LOL the historian what a pile of crap not one good talent and no under barrel???????????.
    No good sniper would ever use such a weapon it is just BAD.
    Did some calculations seems the devs goofed on toughness been in groups with top tier gear they get mowed down in 2 shots this never happened before the patch, they did not change their gear before they could take 7-8 shots.

    80k Health, 60% Armor.
    40kx2 = 80k full damage.
    40k- 60% = 16k, 5hits to 80k.
    16kx5 = 80 Toughness, combined to Health = 160k.
    It's logic calculated to 5hits of 40k to 160k.
    But it's 40k of 4hits doing 200k.

    This is a big time error and devs has to do something about this as a priority fix.
    Errors are if 200k toughness, than it's same but the calculations is still in error, taking more damage inside the rge.

    So why do we go down easier and why does this cause problems?
    They didn't adjust the rate of HP you gain back based on your stamina!
    With around 80kHP (~2.7k stamina) you regenerated ~4k health per second prior to patch 1.2. And now you still regenerate the same amount.
    So based on my observations this is one of the main reasons for these problems.
    n 1.1. you had 80K HP and let's say 60% mitigation.
    The enemies hit you with 40K*(1-armor)=16k
    When you ran for cover or dodged their attacks by rolling it only took you 4 seconds to gain the HP back (4*4k=16k).
    So at the beginning you could stand up to 5 hits but it only took you 4secs to be able to withstand one more.

    In 1.2. if you have 80K HP and 60% mitigation your toughness is 200k.
    The enemies hit you with full 40k.
    When you ran for cover or dodge they attacks by rolling it takes you 10 seconds to gain the eHP back (10*4k=40k).
    There is no armor in calculations so you need to gain the full amount of health back to be able to withstand one more hit.
    So at the beginning you could stand up to 5 hits but now you need to stay in cover for 10secs to be able to withstand one more making you way more "weak".

    since toughness is a solid value added.
    60% reduces their damage by 60%, so the armor calculates that to give you say 80k health and whatever toughness to 150k??
    so reducing enemy damage from hard difficulty by 60% from what 20k damage from them? you will survive those like a true tank.
    but reducing damage from 32's on challenging and incursion is a whole different situation and will wipe your toughness off the floor from 2 hits.
    making the toughness useless on challenging and incursions.
    my opinion is how is toughness to deal with that?
    100k health, 60% armor reducing 50k damage is 20k damage. 5 hits to 100k.
    200k toughness vs 50k full damage is 4 hits. so you are taking more damage because it only takes 4 hits and not 5 from reduction value at 100k health.

    doing challenging and incursions, boom 2 hits and you're down. so what damage are they doing to take you down from 200k toughness?
    100k a hit then. 100k x2 = 200 toughness.
    so 100k health, 60% armor - 100k reduced is 40k damage, so it still takes 2 hits and you still survive.

    either the devs buffed the damage because of toughness or the toughness is a big issue because of random generated elements of numbers.

    Lonestar set is bugged LMG damage is +100 not +1000.

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