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New (gender locked) race/class coming to korean version

FilburFilbur Member UncommonPosts: 254


  • WarlyxWarlyx Member RarePosts: 3,090
    use teddy bear as weapon? fairy? .....wth ?
  • TillerTiller Member EpicPosts: 9,209
    edited May 2016
    well I may try this game, don't know about ever spending money on it though. It was confirmed to be  semi open world which I like. The fairy thing is kinda meh, and I hope they don't have any gender locked classes for NA, and no I don not want play as a fairy xD
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    Elder Jedi/Elder Bounty Hunter
  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,513
    edited May 2016
    Where you really surprised? I mean it was bound to happen.

    If I ever try this game I'll try and make a demonic child! Yes, that is manly enough!

  • Strizzy12Strizzy12 Member UncommonPosts: 60
    Not surprised at all.

    It's reasons such as this that reinforce why I have given up on Asian mmo's. 
  • FilburFilbur Member UncommonPosts: 254
    Gameplay with the new class:

  • DXSinsDXSins Member UncommonPosts: 324
    They resisted for a couple years which is surprising... normally a flag ship race of KR MMOs.

    Wonder if you can make them more adult like, like all the current classes can be made child like or possibly a feature that will come along with the western release of the class.
  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 7,602
    Its sad, but whatever. Honestly, this game will float around but it wont get a huge following, mainly because its associated with Nexon and its kind of run of the mill by what's out there.
  • StizzledStizzled Member RarePosts: 2,115
    Yep, nope. This just killed any interest I had in this game. I don't care if it is a couple years away, the fact that that, even an edited or censored version, will eventually be in the game just kills it for me.

    Ah well, I wasn't all that impressed with the Beta anyways. The game feels better executed than Dragon's Prophet, it definitely had a much higher budget, but Dragon's Prophet is still the better game.
  • WarlyxWarlyx Member RarePosts: 3,090
    edited June 2016

    Filbur said:
    Gameplay with the new class:

    wth? ...more girly class ever , and we tho tera was bad , for sure not even woman want soo many hearts , teddy bears and that stuff lol
  • DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,292
    What is it role? 

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