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Pet AI > Taunt / Aggression not existand in Grim Dawn

GoromhirGoromhir Member UncommonPosts: 445
Playing a Pet user is like Running away from everything because theres no pet in this stupid game able to hold or create agro.

If if i do nothing , hordes of enemies attack me instead of my 3-4 minions..

Even in the Pet power describtion is written "Pet taunts" or something

So for people that love playing Pet classes this crap becomes a "Run away in circles" game

It would be ok if i do to much damage that agro turns ony my character, but doing nothing, standing still doesnt even fix this crap ?

What did the developers of this game think when they programmed such stupid non Tanking pets ?

Wasnt there Diablo, Path of Exile and many other games that did it right while you guys worked on this game ?
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