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Waiting for the MMO Version, not friends with a dev? You wont get in.

unbeatinunbeatin Member UncommonPosts: 58
So unless you bought into IndieGoGo and have a golden forum name of Alpha Tester or been hand chosen by the developers as a Beta Tester through "various" methods you wont be able to participate for a month or more into testing. It does not matter if you bought the game in 2013 or tested over 1000+ hours of game play. You are NOT a valuable tester, your input beforehand, testing and hours played and videos made did not win you the favor of the developers "personally". Better luck next time, Americans your just on the wrong timezone to rub ego's. A proper requirement like hours played and money invested is of no value. Your investment of two+ years and 1000 hours played did not fancy the game gods this day. 

CoE and Crowfall with its nearly 1000$ buy in's to developers who you need to earn personal favor. This is the future of testing, god help us. 

Forums on the topic - may all the personally favored come defend their idols. 


  • RhoklawRhoklaw Member EpicPosts: 6,614
    80% of Alpha Testing in MMO's are not even testing phases anymore. 100% of Beta Testing in MMO's is simply a nice way of saying, enjoy some prelaunch gaming experience. I haven't seen an actual alpha or beta test invite into an MMO in well over a decade. That's when the testers were rewarded for their service, not the other way around where you pay to play the game before launch.

  • unbeatinunbeatin Member UncommonPosts: 58
    I would agree if they didn't leave out the other half of the 1000/2000+ hours tested community. Like you I was impressed you actually could not buy in for once. However upon buying into the LIF My Own we were suppose to receive access to the MMO but they chopped that concept into betas. This divide they created one making perfect since for indieGOGO supporters the other being their friends of gaming communities who need their remaining players in getting some new special title through unknown measures is my issue. 
  • unbeatinunbeatin Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Awe they closed the thread on the offical site, Bobik (lead developer) is playing with a community of players called the Vanirs and personally gave them access. Be weary of the favoritism coming at this game, was part of their guild I can confirm it. 
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,878
    You get some players actually submitting bug reports and testing the game during beta.  Most are testing to see what the best character is to play and the best way to play the game in order to level efficiently.  Then you have gold sellers and hackers looking for exploits to deploy after the game launches.  Now a days beta and even alpha testing is a pre-game warm-up for players.  Gone are the days of sending in your computer specs, gaming history, and constantly receiving game evaluation forms during your general play and after each quest.

    "We all do the best we can based on life experience, point of view, and our ability to believe in ourselves." - Naropa      "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."  SR Covey

  • unbeatinunbeatin Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Gone with it though is our input =/ But alas we will all still buy in, its an addiction. 
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