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New World Order

dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

Dreadnoughts and Jumpdrives

This is for all the people who were making comments that battleships will become obsolete and everyone will be jumping into dreadnaughts, well, dosen't look like it lol. First off, they cannot jump into system above 0.5 in security status (too bad for the ultima mission runner). Secondly, to actualy use their jump drive, they need someone in a ship opening up a worm hole using that "cynosural" emitor module which acts as a homing beacon for someone who must be ganged with that person and in range with their jump drive AND have enough isotopes of fuel to make the jump.

So, I think CCP really did their homework when coming up for the concept of the BFS, the whole thing sounds awesome and if you've tried it on the test server, is amazing. Sure, they realeased so many skills that I guess the spammers will be proclaiming "they cannot keep up" well, get this, to fly a dreadnaught, you need advanced spaceship command AND capital ship command, 2 skills the veterans don't even have yet so, everyone is put into the same boat on this one. As for actualy building the things, you need a BPO for every single component that goes into the ship AND and a capitial ships building skill to assemble it all into the final product.

By the way, the capital ship command is a rank 12 . and capital ship building skill is rank 15 (at the moment) so, if your complaining about the long training times for getting your little specializations at rank 4 and 5 ... just try and imagine how long maxing out these skills would take lol.

Anyways, again, W00T with extra sugar lumps on top, can't wait for deployment, then bug removal then actualy playing the game once its running well again, lol (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about).

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  • CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

    It's going to be amazing :)

    It's going to take about a month for it to all settle in but no doubt the face of the game will change. Fleet battles are going to be a thing of the past. I'm curious to see how it all plays out. 0.0 should become alot more stable through this next patch and when Cosmos comes out later this year it should be quite the little player politic game even more so than it already was.

    I think even the more militant alliances such as BoB and [5] have realized the changing nature of the game with the latest round of NAPS. It seems the south is fully nap'd and the north is fully nap'd. I fear the game may get boring but i'm willing to see how it pans out. Theres rumors of a big war coming but it wont go anywhere. The simple fact is big war is a thing of the past as thats the way ccp wants it. I think we're 6 months away from a north and south NAP then what do we do?

    The last major war we had lasted 2 weeks LOL. [5], BoB and later ASCN came north and it was a total lagfest. The way it works now with the lagtastic tactics is whoever does the jumping loses the battle. We were outnumbered against 5 pretty badly but they jumped in and we decimated their fleet. They petitioned got their ships back and then refused to jump in anymore.

    Dreads are only good for a few things. They wont be used for invasions. They're going to be used to fend off invasions and destroy rogue elements in an alliances region. I even heard some uber carebear talking about a dreadminer LOL. Picture HED or EC with 2 dreads on the other side of the gate. Thats what the game is going to be like from now on. Alliances will gain more and more control.

    I'm curious to see how this will effect the pirate or rogue corps that live in 0.0. With alliance controlled npc's and gate guns coming to 0.0 with cosmos and dreads and bases coming out tomorrow its going to be very difficult for those kind of corps to operate.

    It's going to be interesting to say the least. I always look forward to big changes for some reason. They could very well be destroying the game we love but its always exciting before it comes out.

    PS: Dakilla we were down in your neighborhood over the weekend but i didnt get a chance to see ya :( Hell to be honest we didnt see much of anyone. Where was everyone? Sucks when ya go out to play and your playmates arent there!

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