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A recomended mmorpg

I've tried many mmorpg and rpg games theres usually huge downloads and when it finishes downloading theres usually an error i've tried: roseonline, knightonline, endless online, eternal lands, maple story and a few others. is there a mmorpg out there that hasn't got such a huge download and doesn't have as much chance of failure to download thats still f2p if there is please reply and leave the title of the game.image


  • angelwillangelwill Member Posts: 43
    oh and i forgot to add runescape [ended in misery], conqueronline and mu online
  • ValaraukValarauk Member Posts: 303

    Do you see a small emblem on your chassis resembling an apple?

    WARNING: Spelling and grammatical errors intentionally left in document to test for Anal Retentive Trolls.

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  • angelwillangelwill Member Posts: 43
    um... no i cant see an apple
  • FilipinoFuryFilipinoFury Member Posts: 1,056

    Originally posted by Valarauk
    Do you see a small emblem on your chassis resembling an apple?


    You just made my day saying that. I think you underestimate his knowledge of computers.

    But anyway you could probaly give us the error messege you are getting during before or after you try playing the game and along with your system specs.

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  • Joel1120Joel1120 Member Posts: 624

    There is only 66MB and on dial up takes only about two hours. On broad band it takes about 15 minutes I supose. If your on a Macintosh you'll need to wait untill they release a Mac verion. Well have fun! The link is in my sig.



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