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Initial Impressions

jonp200jonp200 Member UncommonPosts: 455
The game is a lot of fun but I doubt I'll slap down my hard-earned bucks for it.  Not unlike a lot of FPS games but they have done a good job with it.  I didn't have any issues playing the beta but it didn't really wow me (See what I did there?)

Prediction - They will sell a ton of copies and it will be successful.  Initial popularity will wane but they will maintain a solid player base.  Just didn't shatter the earth for me; same old formula albeit done well; i.e. support, offense, defense, utility classes..defend the transport, capture the transport....They will release a capture the flag mode, etc. The one small miss for me was no real character progression ala Destiny or Division but this isn't really the same genre so I guess I get that but "leveling" seems ling of meaningless.  Congratulations, your mech character can have a pink skin now... OK hooray....  :)

Playing ESO on my X-Box

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