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I played this game when it first came out. It was rubbish.



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 41,521
    edited May 2016
    H0urg1ass said:
    If you thought it was rubbish at launch, then you still won't care for it. <and should not go back>

    I tried to like this game, I really did.  Bought the collectors edition for both me and my wife.  We played for three months and decided it was trash.  <so you should not have gone back>  Then I came back for the hutt cartel expansion and that pure crap.  <wait, what, OK, now, you won't be going back right?>

    Then I came back for the starfighter expansion and that part was fun, but the rest of the game was still trash <still trying to find the fun, why did you go back?> and now no one plays starfighter anymore.  Log in for a game and have to wait an hour for one to launch, so scrap that part if you liked it.

    They added housing and then made it the most grindy housing I've ever seen in my life.  You buy a house, but then you have to pay to literally unlock doors in the house, each door costing millions if you buy a nice house.  Then furnishing it with stuff is going to cost you five times that much. <still you are playing, why?>

    Then I came back for Shadows of Revan <again?> and that was, admittedly, the only fun content in the game.  I actually enjoyed that expansion.  Although, after about the fourth toon I was utterly done with it too. <Four characters to decide you are done with the content, only took me one, at launch no less>

    Then I came back for about two months after KOTFE and the trash has been taken to the dumpster, picked up by the garbage truck and hauled off to the landfill.  Any redeeming qualities this game had left were murdered by KOTFE. <so finally, you won't be going back?>
    Not quite sure why you continued to keep going back.  I played one Rebel character to 50 (?) at launch, another on the Empire side to 20 or so and was absolutely convinced there was no reason to play this game (for me) nor any reason to go back.

    I can't figure out why people who don't enjoy a game keep going back for more punishment, I don't believe I've ever done so despite playing dozens of MMORPG's, absolutely not if I found them to not be fun in the first place.

    There are no second chances for bad games.  (which would be any game you don't like, right?) ;)

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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,947
    Kyleran said:

    I can't figure out why people who don't enjoy a game keep going back for more punishment, I don't believe I've ever done so despite playing dozens of MMORPG's, absolutely not if I found them to not be fun in the first place.

    Yeah, this always mystified me.

    I played it at launch and the game was exactly what I thought it would be. Not sure why others didn't see this but I suspect it's because some gamers tell themselves "stories", fill in their own details, and when the games don't come up to their expectations (which they can't) they then rush to the forums to tell everyone about it.

    And some do so agian and again. Once again, comes back to my opinion that we make our own hells.
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  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,380
    1. There is ONE Star Wars MMO, not counting the hacked SWG stuff that I'm not interested in.  One. That means if I want to play lightsabers with my friends, we get one option.
    2. My bros keep going back to play.  "If your friends told you to jump off..." Stop right there, your mother was wrong.  Yes, I would. In fact we have.  We've jumped off of cliffs at Mt. Yonah, GA and rappelled down them together, we've fast roped from helicopters together, we've worn the same clothes for weeks at a time and slept in our vehicles.   With friends like those, if they're like "Hey, lets play SWTOR for a few weeks", then you keep calm, ruck up and play.
    3. Fun is different from trash. They are two separate terms. You can have fun in the shittiest of non-life threatening circumstances unless you're a total curmudgeon. Yes, SWTOR is trash, but when you're wading through trash with a bottle of Maker's Mark and your friends on voice comms, you can still have fun.  Hell, 90% of EVE would be intolerable without friends and alcohol.
    4. Galactic Star fighter was my choice to go back.  I'm partial to space combat sims.  Too bad this part of SWTOR died so quickly and no one plays it anymore.  It's the one island in the middle of shit.  I found GSF to be quite enjoyable, when I went back for KOTFE I thought "Well at least I can play GSF if KOTFE is shit".  Then I found out no one plays GSF anymore.  My mistake.
    5. KOTFE revamped a huge portion of the game, and I went back to experience it first hand with two of my friends, hoping that the things they had changed were the parts we didn't like.  We all agreed after we'd played through the stories that it just isn't Star Wars anymore.  It's generic Sci-fi land with glowing light sticks, and I don't think me or my bros will ever try it again.
    6. Everything deserves a second chance, especially if it keeps evolving. SWTOR keeps evolving. Unfortunately it's evolving into a skunk and not a peacock. 
  • hallucigenocidehallucigenocide Member RarePosts: 1,015
    i thought it was great but now it's rubbish =/ atleast it kept me entertained for a couple of years which is more than the majority on the market have done.

    I had fun once, it was terrible.

  • KoboliKoboli Member UncommonPosts: 210
    It's still bad. The combat engine is crap; the world design ranging from uninspired to downright tedious (I never want to see Taris again - period). Unless you are off-the-walls desperate for a mediocre, basically-single-player Star Wars experience, there are far better games to play.
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