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May 5th AMA with ACE founders J Todd and Gordon

FranciscourantFranciscourant Member UncommonPosts: 356
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edit "UPDATE: So many great questions! That's all we have time for now, but we'll check in later and see if we can answer a few more. Thanks to everyone who participated."
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  • FranciscourantFranciscourant Member UncommonPosts: 356
    A whole lot of questions answered already. 

    Here are some interesting ones:

    "How is the forgemaster coming a long ? Can we get a bone or two on their abilities ?"
    "We've had a lot of talk about moving this guy from "forgemaster" over to "battlerager", as we don't want force every crafter in the game to be a dwarf. the thought is to move the crafting skills and recipes out of the archetypes and into disciplines. I'm also a big fan of dwarven warriors (playing one now in a 5e game) and I think we could make it fit the narrative really well."

    "What are the current thoughts on the embargo system? Will import and export in the campaign be handled at the same POI “summoning circle”? Are you still planning a grid inventory system for limiting what you can import/export?"
    "export is going to be at a different location, because we really want to enforce the gameplay that would result from ambushing the players and caravans en route to these locations. import hasn't been decided, but it won't be the same place/location/interaction as export. (my intent is to make it much easier to import than it is to export). yes, we are still enforcing grid space limitations."

    "I believe it was said that the next testing environment is tech heavy. What tech in that environment are you most excited for? What tech will the players be most excited for?"
    "we have more work to do in combat, movement and destruction -- but beyond that, the next "big ticket" item is going to be attacking scale: dealing with large number of combatants on the screen (and the framerate), dealing with large(r) scale worlds, and larger number of players on the servers"

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174
    Jumping caravans sounds like fun!!

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