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Midgard: Yar, Mini's and Big 3 Saturday 7th May

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484
Hi all,

I'll be leading an Alliance/Public Yar, Mini's and Big 3 on Saturday 7th May for fun.

Starting at: 7PM UK / 2PM EST / 1PM CST / 11AM PST

BG leader Ozierd

What you gain from this raid
1. Dragonslayer armour
2. loot and remains from the dragon
3. Dragon Myth
4. Dragon Credit

If anyone has the sword to summon the big 3 please let me know in game or if anyone is willing to do the quest and get the sword that would be much appreicated.

If you don't know much about the dragon zone and want to know how to start quests and get a friendly faction then please go to this link

DAoC Events Facebook Group:
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