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Games I Play:

Quake Live
Track Mania Nations Forever
Runes of Magic


  • RasukeRasuke Member Posts: 362

    Wait... don't this belong in the WoW forum?

    EDIT:  oh... it's posted there too... so um... why post twice?

    NEWED EDIT: thnx whoever moved it...

    This message brought to you by Smoofles the fox. Remember kids, he may look cute, but he'd eat you alive if he got the chance...

    Jab, low, punch, high, down+fierce, up, jab, low, punch, high, fierce
    Marvel vs. Capcom! (strider)

    And now... the KIRBY DANCE!
    <('.'<) (>'.')> <(^.^)> <('.'<) (>'.')>

    image image image

  • HousamHousam Member Posts: 1,460

  • jasthemityjasthemity Member Posts: 63

    That little mouse eating stuff is hilarious.

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