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Odd thing happening in Google Chrome

filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906

For some reason this thread the last post from Erilion the picture is doing an infinite loop and is stretched down like 100 pages of scrolling.

IE and Edge are working fine idk about firefox.
Are you onto something or just on something?


  • GrumpyHobbitGrumpyHobbit Member RarePosts: 1,220
    weird...just setting up some office 365 accounts for a new business and the same thing is happenning. Had to go to IE to finish it off. 
  • DeathengerDeathenger Member UncommonPosts: 880
    Also happened for me in google chrome on my phone. Weird.
  • gw2foolgw2fool Member UncommonPosts: 164
    Probably has a virus or malicious code embedded inside the image file!
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