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Vodoo-ThizzVodoo-Thizz Member UncommonPosts: 5
So as the tittle says, currently looking for one that is actually good, i haven´t being able to find anything out of the ordinary yet so im asking here if this actually exists, here is what i want:
- MMORTS - yes, mmo + real time strategy.
- Sandbox - you can pvp, pve or just play a social game making a guild/league and conquest territories... you know what i mean.
- As for RTS i mean you can build your city and then use different armies (with different equipments, heroes, etc...)  (maybe control them in the field) & use strategies to win (kinda how you set up your weapons/armor in eve)
- Maybe a player based economy.
- I dont even care if its a browser game, but please out of the normal ones.
- i dont care about grind at all, currently playing unlimited ninja so figure out by yourself.

As you see im looking for a very uncommon game which im not sure it exists, but if you know anything similar will be awesome, some people might think this is just a clash of clans improved & yes you might be right, but with a lot more in-deep content, i want that sandbox part with territories, an actual map, gears, PVE with cities to atack with leaguemates... im pretty sure you get it.

Thanks for reading and answering. 


  • MMORPGtesterMMORPGtester Member UncommonPosts: 96
    MMORTS have been tried many times, they always fail because of the unbalance between leveled players. When one joins you only get killed by someone else who has been there longer or has had more time to play, Past games like ( Time of defiance, Picaroon from nicely crafted ), Beyond Protocol and countless others. At this time there are only a handful of mmorts in development. One that I have been keeping an eye on is Gods and idols, This one would do great in a VR environment.

  • Vodoo-ThizzVodoo-Thizz Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Too bad, i was hoping for one... Maybe someone know about one in development or something, kinda strange there isn´t any, seein how Strategic games and so are very popular... *Hopes for luck*
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