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Why or why not play GW2



  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter Member UncommonPosts: 3,065
    "what are your 3 favorite things of this game"

    1) The feel of violent joy when your disciplined zerg-busting guild raid melts a far larger force, regardless of the rez mechanics and the AoE cap.
    2) The adrenaline rush and shakes when you fight a good guild with equal numbers.
    3) The general serenity of large-scale, multi-way battles, regardless of the latency.

    "what are your 3 negative things in this game"

    1) The RvR mode was neglected by the devs, even though this is where the PvP was well loved by the gamers. The developers insisted on their sPvP format, which never really took off.
    2) AoE cap and rez mechanics in WvW rewarded zergs with hard survivability.
    3) Not all the necessary gear was available by purely concentrating on PvP.
    At the moment you can't rez fully dead people while you are in combat in WvW. Additionally only one people can rez from each enemy killed.

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  • BaitnessBaitness Member UncommonPosts: 656
    edited July 2016
    I am going to do more than 3 because I think there is a lot of good/bad in this game!


    Class design is excellent, all classes are fun and interesting
    Event system means you are always playing with others
    Combat system is one of my favorite in the genre, it facilitates and rewards teamwork
    Grinding for armor (past exotic) feels unnecessary


    Engine performance is terrible, competing with SWTOR for worst in the genre
    Class balance is horrendous outside of sPvP (it is maybe best in the genre in sPvP)
    Content comes out at an unimaginably slow pace
    Writing for every aspect of the game is just awful, some of the worst storytelling I have seen

    I am taking a break from it because there is not enough content and my WvW guild is split up.  The game is a lot of fun in small bursts.  It is nice to just hop on and spontaneously work together with a bunch of random people towards a common goal (the mapwide meta events in HoT).

    Do not purchase Living Story Season 2 with gems, I did and I regret it.  Though it did clear up some of my confusion about the story in Heart of Thorns, it kind of sucked.  I felt like I needed to buy it to get the gear that is only available from achievements in those living story episodes, but you really only need that if you want to raid.
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