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Why or why not play GW2

Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,682
I am doing some research about a few games..

why are you playing GW2, or why did you quit?

what are your 3 favorite things of this game
what are your 3 negative things in this game
please list both possitives and negatives, as well as answer my question..

Best MMO experiences : EQ(PvE), DAoC(PvP), WoW(total package) LOTRO (worldfeel) GW2 (Artstyle and animations and worlddesign) SWTOR (Story immersion) TSW (story) ESO (character advancement)



  • Tgiordano92Tgiordano92 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    I am playing because I can jump in at almost anytime for even 10 minutes and have fun. I also enjoy the fact that PvP does not evolve around gear progression.

    3 favorites: PvP system, dyes/wardrobe system, combat

    3 negatives: no mounts, WvW dead, no factions per se
  • NephethNepheth Member RarePosts: 432
    I played Guild Wars 2 for 3 years because its combat, WvW and item system. I quit because they basically killed WvW. But still with Hot, pve content is amazing and they're really trying to hype spvp as much as they can. But unfortunatly I'm not a pve player and I don't like spvp's conquest arena system.
  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,611
    edited April 2016
    The only problem with this game was that I was soloing so much. Even in events the people around me were like NPCs. I was in a guild but they were mainly PvPing so I was left pretty much on my own. I guess my experience might have been different had I had people to play with. Same issue I had with ESO too much soloing.

    Favourites were the world I loved how the art style and world looked ,how each race looked distinct. I loved the ranger I played a lot . I also like the engineer and enjoyed the various classes.

    I liked doing the jumping puzzles because even if it took me a whole day when I finished it I was elated.

    Lastly I loved the Dye system I enjoyed changing my outfits three times a day ...the girl in me coming out despite being a granny.

    Things I disliked hmm may be the fact that the game was too solo orientated. 
  • TheAmirTheAmir Member UncommonPosts: 433
    I've tried to play this game several times, but it just smacks me as shallow and too flashy. Also, I hate how they set up questing (hearts) exploration (shows you where to "explore" via a vista icon - that's not exploration, sorry).  Jump puzzles - meh for me. Don't care.  Races - meh. Lore and story - really poorly done, felt no connection to the world or characters at all. NPCs are boring, might as well not bother to have them. Hate the auction system. Hate how disjointed the social aspect is. None of the classes grab me.

    Those are my cons.


    - Some of the landscape is pretty.

    That's all I got.

  • APThugAPThug Member UncommonPosts: 478
    I've played gw1 for 3 years then moved on to gw2 when it first came out. It's just been my go to MMO since, and I've played everything available literately. I like the combat in this game and the freedom to just rush in and smash things instead of having to wait for a healer or a tank to show up. I always found that stuff boring, when all I wanna do is play.

    I understand the entire game completely and know the reasons as to why the game is the way that it is. This actually increases my enjoyment of the game because I can make clear goals for myself and set the path needed to see them through.

    Almost everything you do in this game has a purpose. For example currently I am in need of cloth based crafting materials so I can craft higher tier mats. I can sell the mats for lots of money or save them so I can create some really expensive gear. But these mats can only be found in lower level areas and cost alot of money in the trading post. So I find myself heading back there lot. There are lots of examples of this all through out the game, where everything is relevant in one way or another which helps me appreciate it even more. 

    1. Combat 
    2. large scale PVE events 
    3. World vs World

    1. As of 2016; I would like updates to be more frequent. 
    2. The direction Anet has taken with turning gw2 SPVP mode into an esport. (Esports should be something the community comes up with, not the devs. People will get the wrong impression and start saying its being forced on them along with a bunch of other nonsense they assume is truth) 
    3. More communication/ collaboration with the players. (Although they have done this very recently by speaking with World vs world commanders and spvp pros and have implemented many of their changes, I really want more of this. Like asking the PVE crowd what they would like to see more of or what they would like to see changed. 
    I can't really come up with many negatives since I mix up my play time and enjoy all content. I don't just play pvp and only once in a blue moon play pve. I do it all with clear goals in mind. If I ever stop playing gw2, it would be because something else came out that I enjoyed more, not because the game was horrible. Unless it becomes horrible.

  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,002

    1) They took some chances with how the game is played and runs compared to other MMOs
    2) The art and music is top notch
    3) The amount of little things they did that made the game more enjoyable to play. Like being able to store your crafting mats straight from your bags. (ESO could learn this trick)


    1) The classes are nice but there are not enough of them imo I get that it is not a trinity game but I am not sure being that way makes it a better game.
    2) Not a fan of the combat. It is ok depending on the class but my Champion was boring. Ele was better but stil eh.
    3) Exploring the world leaves no sense of wonder since most things are shown to you before you discover them

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  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,131
    edited May 2016
    I am doing some research about a few games..

    why are you playing GW2, or why did you quit?

    what are your 3 favorite things of this game
    what are your 3 negative things in this game
    please list both possitives and negatives, as well as answer my question..
    I was a hardcore PVP player in the first GW and was very hopeful and excited for the second one.

    I was extremely disappointed and have had no desire to revisit it again.... I still log into GW for RA sometimes but its dead because everyone went to GW2..

    I cannot believe that this game has a good rating. It was so stupid. Total instant gratification and PVP was totally ruined by only having some lame "control point" domination game that shouldn't even be in a RPG.

    The first game had legendary PVP. I was totally amazed by it AND STILL AM BUT NOBODY WILL PLAY IT.

    3 favorite things:
    The graphics were decent.
    The game is in English.
    (wow its so hard trying to think about something good to say about this game..)
    I guess the 3rd is uhhHhh, its not some Korean game or cash shop or something?

    I've never played WoW but I bet that I would enjoy it more than this piece of trash filth..


    Its so sad..

    3 negatives:
    The only PVP that people did was some stupid control point game where you stand in rings the most to win.
    overly hyped.. I was expecting so much more.... maybe I would have enjoyed SOMETHING if I wasn't so let down by comparing it to the first one.
    The 'kiddie' feel the whole game had and the feeling that the game catered to please the masses.... EASYMODE

    I enjoyed nothing about the game and played it a lot for a week. Yeah it was that bad!

    I've never been so disappointed in a game before.

    I knew something was wrong when I watched a beta video and the player was spamming the same button over and over again and killed the boss monster that way.

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  • RaquisRaquis Member RarePosts: 1,018
    the game is old,bring a new AAA MMO,but i think they will not cause they now the economic collapse and WW3 is soon.
  • PurutzilPurutzil Member UncommonPosts: 3,048
    why are you playing GW2, or why did you quit?

    Quit early. I gave the game a shot with 2 characters, even with the most complex class I had any liking to (mesmer) I found the combat to be extremely boring. It only compounded with how slippery it was giving no satisfying feel on either my thief or mesmer I maxed or other classes I played of any impact. Add in broken dungeons and end game involving doing circles it lost my interest quickly. 

    what are your 3 favorite things of this game

    1.) Artstyle I enjoyed a lot. While not perfect, I still enjoyed the way they pulled off the look of the environment and characters. Some parts looked a bit out of place or samey, but over-all I'd say it came off well enough to dismiss those issues. It knows how to create a consistent feel that allows their characters, despite having a more stand out artstyle to seemingly fit into it without an issue.

    2.) Classes. The classes in GW2 (ignoring skill/combat elements) are interesting. I personal have a love for mesmer as a concept. The mixture I felt was pretty good and was a nice collection of classes to have without being overly generic in choices. It was nice to see a game put so many classes out.

    3.) Crafting Discovery. While not really something for all crafts... cooking in particular I loved the idea of experimentation. It was such an amazing system to have for crafting. Even if it wasn't put in play with other crafts much its place in cooking is something that should be praised. While I think it can be improved, I really want to see this used in other MMos. It adds some fun to crafting and I feel it is an incredible way to enrich the aspect of crafts.

    what are your 3 negative things in this game

    1.) Combat. If you couldn't tell from my first post... Holy crap is this one of the worst combat systems I have ever played in an MMo. Granted I can understand some people being okay with it (I still don't believe people actually think its good objectively) it is by far one of my most hated combat systems to come from a AAA publisher. There is such little room to optimize as the skill selection is skeletal at best with base 3 skills that you may press (even then some are often situational abilities) with others being rare presses. At level 10 or so you pretty much masted the combat outside the utility. 

    The combat is slippery in such a bad way. Attacks utterly lack any sense of impact and is one of the worst games in AAA MMos in giving a sense of impact. It feels like your character is swiping at the air and just flailing around using their auto attack skill and just floating about. I get people don't like being rooted (as silly as I think it is, not that all skills have to) but I really don't get any appeal for this element of the combat at all. Every attempt I had to give it another try has ended right at the tutorial as soon as combat starts and I remember how cringe-worthy it is. Its a big reason GW2 to me would be in the list of top 5 worst combat systems in an MMO ever. I can not overstate how much I utterly despise it.

    2.) Hearts. When I went into the game, I never expected to find a version of quests that somehow made questing feel worst then the most generic MMo revolving around quests. It was painful each time I encountered a heart. They felt as if they took forever to do and just dragged out seeing the bar so slowly creep up. It made me wish the quest MADE me do all the objectives as i'd feel like I was getting somewhere vastly quicker even if some of the tasks I found annoying. 

    3.) End Game. Run around in circles... Run around in circle... Run Around in circle. Follow the zerg. The end game was just a complete bore. Honestly end game with events isn't terrible, but when you create a loop running around with a group just grabbing stuff when it comes up, it so quickly becomes tedius. Grinding is one thing, getting into some grove, but the circle zerg just was so trivial and felt like so much effort without actually doing any effort. Dungeons would of been here how broken they were mostly do to the 'we don't want a trinity, but lets still do a dungeon' mentality that made them just painful as if the developers were so spiteful to the trinity but didn't know how to properly handle dungeons without it. Given the fact they were trivialized (though the replacement isn't very appealing to me, but I haven't played it so I won't put it on the list since it might not be as bad) I figured End game in general with the run around would stand out as the worst part.
  • YashaXYashaX Member EpicPosts: 2,416
    Three favorite things:

    1) Only mmo with truly equalized pvp (stats/gear/levels) that you can jump in and play straight way.

    2) Amazing combat system. Probably the best combat system in any mmo, especially for pvp. 

    3) Great customization and freedom, nice WvW system, excellent division of pve/pvp, interesting crafting system, good inventory system, amazing and extremely fair monetization model, polish, freedom to play how you want.


    1) The expansion kind of wrecked spvp (because the new specs are OP).

    2) While the spvp is great, it lacks imagination in terms of game modes. Seems such a waste to have crafted an almost flawless, smooth pvp centric combat system and then left this part of the game languish with one game mode (now two). Look at minecraft - it has a crap combat system but so many great pvp mini games. Its mind boggling how they even ended up taking out one game mode (courtyard - death match style mode).

    3) ?

    I quit from time to time because I get sick of running around in circles capping points, but so far no other game does combat/arena-style pvp so well so I always end up going back. I am hoping Crowfall or CU remedies this because as good as GW2 is, it just seems like its in a bit of a rut spvp wise, and I would like to play something that is new AND good.
  • lunawisplunawisp Member UncommonPosts: 184
    edited May 2016
    I played GW2 for a couple of years.

    • I liked the way the resource nodes were 'personal', if you saw a node it was yours. Each player could harvest it, none of this node stealing nonsense.
    • Also quite liked the variety of races and character options.
    • The inventory and dye system was second to none. Able to shift crafting items out of your inventory without even having to go to town, auctioneers all over the place and once you found a dye it was available for ever, no one-shot nonsense.

    • I hated the jumping puzzles. Those things have no place in a game where you're subject to variable pings and clunky MMO style controls.
    • Wasn't too impressed with the necromancer pets, they made a class with the ability to summon all sorts of undead pets then neutered the things so the best necromancers are little nore than ranged mages - they don't touch pets at all.
    • After a while I just started doing the same thing day after day and I got bored and called it quits.

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  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,954
    3 favorites: Wardrobe system (take note FFXIV...), Dye system (FFXIV.....), Ranger
    3 negatives: too much bloody solo, jump puzzle (rage), skill system isn't like GW1 (Miss collecting all those skills)
  • YashaXYashaX Member EpicPosts: 2,416
    lunawisp said:
    I played GW2 for a couple of years.

    • Wasn't too impressed with the necromancer pets, they made a class with the ability to summon all sorts of undead pets then neutered the things so the best necromancers are little nore than ranged mages - they don't touch pets at all.

    Necromancers are now godlike, huge change.
  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    I'm not saying this game has the best everything there is to offer.  But this game is the best mmorpg ever made.  They had so many original ideas and meshed them together in such a good way.   Probably the best coded mmorpg too.   IDK any other mmo that can handle 600 players all fighting on the same map without lagging the server and crashing crappy computers.  IDK any other mmo that doesn't have to do server resets once a week or has 3 hour long downtimes every patch.  This one thing alone speaks volumes on the people coding this game.
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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,945
    Lots of inventory space with huge amount for crafting
    Dynamic events
    Fast intuitive combat

    All stealth on short timers, I like WoW and SWTOR toggle for stealth
    No mounts

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  • Doug_BDoug_B Member UncommonPosts: 153
    edited May 2016
    I was dissapointed in the performance of game. I have AMD machine capable of running most games at max, and Gw2 just ran poorly, secondly, the combat was very medioce. Black Desert pretty much is how I envisioned gw2 to be combat wise..
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  • Andel_SkaarAndel_Skaar Member UncommonPosts: 401
    Pros:The story content is free, graphics are good, pvp is ok and balanced, WvW was cool

    If you bought the game: there isnt any real gear progression, skins is endgame, the content gets borring fast

    The game is completely like trialF2P not at all , if you didnt buy it, you cant use Auction house, mail, you dont get laurels(crafting ingredient), you have difficulty with inventory space, you are under all kinds of other penalties, you can not respond to a simple whisper, yes not only that you cant speak at all, but you cant respond as well.Most chats are locked to trial accounts, overly protective ,even against non-existant spammers. Makes game feel like single-player.
  • waynejr2waynejr2 Member EpicPosts: 7,768
    I stopped playing because:

    1)  The combat was boring/off putting
    2)  The zone de-leveling thing.  NOTE:  if you are going to match a zone to my level, me start in any zone and level in any  zone that I want to.   FYI:  I prefer the class levels ala pnp dnd.
    3)  Classes were not distingushed to may taste.  Not saying they all played the same, but it didn't feel different enough to my level of wanting.  Some will tell you different.  This is my take on it.
    4)  PVP:  wow, what a steaming pile.  

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  • MorlewenMorlewen Member UncommonPosts: 45

    No gear treadmill
    Event system
    rich end game


    WvW is still under construction
    Long break between release of HoT and LW3
    Accessebility of certain stats is lousy
  • lowradslowrads Member UncommonPosts: 200
    edited July 2016
    Leveling is really fast, but I don't ever make it to endgame.  I like to take my time and craft things, in part because the game seems to suggest that we do this and because I want to like crafting things.  However, all the things I craft are worthless, and the process of getting the things to craft gives me better gear anyway.

    We always want what we can't have.  I find this depressing, so I move on to more rewarding games.  Every now and then I feel the urge to wander around Tyria and eventually do some crafting.  I usually accidentally gain ten levels trying to find some more copper, chili peppers or get a recipe from an event npc.  Then I realize that it was pointless all along and move on to other things for a month.

    MMO devs hate crafters.  I don't know what we did wrong.
  • KoboliKoboli Member UncommonPosts: 210
    edited July 2016
    I would not personally play it again, but you lose nothing in doing so, OP - there's no buy-in, and the game isn't some ginormous download. This seems like an issue you could resolve yourself relatively quickly.

    However, I would urge you not to judge the product by the leveling experience alone, which is wonderful. All that superb questing shrivels up and blows away once you reach the level cap... at which point you're likely to realize that you've invested 30 some-odd hours for a disappointing payoff. 
  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 7,238
    I played till about level 20 and to me it just felt like been there done that....The dynamic events get old pretty fast and there are too many of them anyway.....Really I thought the game was going to be better than it was.
  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter Member UncommonPosts: 3,065
    lowrads said:
     like to take my time and craft things, in part because the game seems to suggest that we do this and because I want to like crafting things.  However, all the things I craft are worthless, and the process of getting the things to craft gives me better gear anyway.

    You can graft BiS. I don't see how BiS is useless.

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  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,929
    I bought GW2 on release.

    I played it for several weeks straight. I thought it was well worth the box price at the time, and today I would think there's almost no risk, since you can start for free and see if it's your cup of tea. The open shared quest thing they do - it was ok. I've seen better, and I've certainly seen a lot worse. The music is ~awesome~, I liked the art style and graphics, and I thought it played pretty smoothly (I like the weapon/class intermix for combat actions). The lack if a standard trinity did tend to turn everything into a DPS fest, but ANet was pretty good about adding in puzzle elements that kept it interesting.

    I haven't tried the expansion yet. 

    The reason I'm not playing it now:
    Once I hit max level, and had pretty good gear for my specs - the only things left to do were grind for cosmetics (which doesn't interest me at all), roll alts, or wait for the next chapter in the living story to come out. The living story I found pretty interesting, but it was released slow enough that there wasn't enough to do between the chapters.

    The one thing I can't believe: it seemed prime to move to consoles. I can't believe it never has made the jump. 
  • scribeofsalmacisscribeofsalmacis Member UncommonPosts: 26
    "what are your 3 favorite things of this game"

    1) The feel of violent joy when your disciplined zerg-busting guild raid melts a far larger force, regardless of the rez mechanics and the AoE cap.
    2) The adrenaline rush and shakes when you fight a good guild with equal numbers.
    3) The general serenity of large-scale, multi-way battles, regardless of the latency.

    "what are your 3 negative things in this game"

    1) The RvR mode was neglected by the devs, even though this is where the PvP was well loved by the gamers. The developers insisted on their sPvP format, which never really took off.
    2) AoE cap and rez mechanics in WvW rewarded zergs with hard survivability.
    3) Not all the necessary gear was available by purely concentrating on PvP.
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