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n-Space - maker of SCL - closing its doors.... promises not kept on SCL...

BurntvetBurntvet Member RarePosts: 3,465
This is about a week old, but is still worth posting.

n-Space apparently has gone under, behind the non-success of SCL.

The fate of many promised fixes and the RoD DLC are unknown, but are most likely not happening.

There was plenty of pre-release hype about this title, including several articles at this site, but ultimately, the game was bad enough to not be worth the $40 release price, or the subsequent $20 reduced price, or the $10 sale price.  Even a free weekend on Steam could not save the sinking ship.

The game did just not live up to the pre-release promises or the D&D pedigree, and customers were not forgiving about it.


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