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Nostalrius Servers Issued Court Order to Close Shop



  • SoybeanSoybean Member UncommonPosts: 104
    edited July 2016
    Horusra said:
    Soybean said:
    Horusra said:
    danwest58 said:

    Horusra said:
    danwest58 said:
    Horusra said:
    I would bet if you wanted a Vanilla server they would want more commitment from people than a monthly sub for its development and upkeep.  What if they wanted a year sub that is $180?
    Again I am willing to pay $20 to $30 a month for a Vanilla\TBC Sub  As long as I could do both times Vanilla and TBC servers and no cash shop.  The only other catch is making sure they do fix bugs and keep it up dated.  I am fine with paying a sub.  Right now I am paying one for myself in FFXIV and my wife is paying for her FFXIV sub.  Now if they put a cash shop in I would had a problem with a more expensive sub, well outside of the Charity Mounts deal, if they want to add in the $20 mount where $19 go to cancer research or something I am cool with that.

    your 40 or 60 for 2 months of nostalgia does not a server deserve.
    Sorry but I would likely be playing for a few years.  I been playing FFXIV again Since Dec 2014 because its a hell of a lot better game than WOW is today.  Wrong again.  You are just throwing darts at a dart board because you THINK you know something, I am telling you I know because I truly do.  I been playing MMOs for a long time, I made many friends over the years, still talk to many a few times a year, I understand why they liked Vanilla TBC WOW so much even if somethings would need to change today.  I spent so many hours on forums and talking to people there, I talk to people who dont talk on the forums.  You are listening to a business who puts stockholders before the customer.  That's bad business and which is what is wrong with our economy. 

    then fork over the years sub to show loyalty to the product....

    What is wrong with our economy is that people want everything for free not understanding the cost that goes into making, sustaining, or employing people.
    Blizzard already got their money from the game. I would not call $49.99 or what ever vanilla used to cost for the initial game, when it first came out, free. Blizzard said they were not going to release a vanilla server so the private servers took over where Blizzard refused to. The private servers have proven that people were willing to play old content and people have donated to those servers for upkeep and running costs. There is a community that does want vanilla content not the updated garbage Blizzard has given us. They are the ones who dropped the ball not us.

    they did not "drop the ball".  The actively choose not to go down that road.  If you do not like it you leave.  If they want they can make one.  Nothing gives you the right to break the law in this case.
    People did leave. Several million people had already left.

    And what evidence do you (armchair police/ armchair lawyer) have to accuse me of breaking any law?
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