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looking for a pvp game...

StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76
hello folks,

first some really short backstory. i have been playing mmos since vanilla wow and recently got a bit tired of them, played them mostly for raiding, dungeons und pve stuff.
i have recently  been playing a lot of singleplayer games and sure, i am having a blast but there is one thing i am missing:

-playing and competing with other players

i dont have much experiance with pvp games and pvp contend, played a holy paladin during wow wotlk but thats it :-)

i am not interested in games like LoL or DotA, game should require both, skill and a little bit of gear or something simmilar, i really like to be rewarded for playing ;-)

Game should not be too old, no p2w but i dont mind spending some cash like subscribtion or something comparable. since i am from germany there should be an eu version.

hope you can help me out, if you got any questions regarding my post feel free to ask, i am willing to answer as long as it helps me finding a game :-)


  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,177
    If you want to talk with people while you play via vent or teamspeak and group with others than I would recommend Darkfall Unholy Wars... most people play on the US server but there is a EU server just not as populated.. the game has been out for awhile and the population isnt the greatest but I find that my clan is online around the clock always doing various things that a noobie can take part in.

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