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Evidence that BDO has no real player economy



  • Kane72Kane72 Member UncommonPosts: 211
    edited April 2016
    My only gripe is that I have a pile of goods sat on the market the have been there for 5 days so far, at the minimum allowed price, and not selling. I'd rather take less for them than get nothing by them not selling but I can't reduce below the stated minimum price. Am I farming them for nothing?
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  • yucklawyersyucklawyers Member UncommonPosts: 240
    I don't know if it's happening now, but right from about day three, peeps were selling that NPC food you can buy in Cep on the auction house making a profit. It happens in all MMO's at some point, it's no big deal.

    The marketplace in BDO is it's biggest weakess IMO. The devs don't set the prices, they set the ranges. And players sales decide where in the 'range of prices' the goods sit. Unfortunately some of the ranges are just unbelievably stupid.

    This type of marketplace does have a negative effect on player interaction, but even worse, it makes crafting a complete waste of time in the long run because it can never compete. Grinding is always more profitable once you hit 50'ish as the market won't let prices hit there true height for items produced with life skills.

    That is going to hurt the game hard when everyone hits 50 and gets a bit bored with the actual mechanics of their now worthless life skills.
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