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New Images - Women wear real armor in COE!



  • lunawisplunawisp Member UncommonPosts: 184
    I like the hood and I see we have capes :)  As far as female armour goes, I don't think anyone minds a bit of skin but they go a bit overboard in some games where it seems that the effectiveness of female armour is in inverse proportion to the amount of skin it covers - TERA I'm looking at you!

    This one is reallly starting to look interesting though. I've been getting a bit jaded with MMO's, this looks like a breath of fresh air. Definately one I'll be watching closely.
    lunawisp was my peacebringer in City of Heroes. She lives on, in memory, as my gaming id
  • DerryFHDerryFH Member UncommonPosts: 56
    edited May 2016
    Guess you completely forgot about this

    Discussion / Two new Animal concept imagery released!

    It's a thread you started about creature concepts that devolved down to "it's fantasy! gtfoh with the realism crap"
    Hi Timberhick

    I do believe that you mismatch the meaning of realistic and Earth alike.
    The reason that you do not see those animals on Earth does not mean that they might not exist in another world.

    Cold / hot temperature levels, cut, pierce wounds, on the other hand, are more likely to stay on the same level no matter if you do consider them on Earth or parallel universe.

    It would be just unreasonable to go into battle in platekini. 
    Not only that kind of armour provides less protection on those uncovered body parts, but the bruises from those sexy as hell pieces of gear would virtually prevent you from taking another fight after the initial one.

    I hope that casual gear will have all the flashy, sexy features that community wants.
    But when you go into combat mode, you sure want to survive that.
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