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If I come back without sub will I lose things?

AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,149
I was subbed to this game and had connections issues (huge lag spikes - some as long as a minute) that did not happen with any other game.  It could not  be resolved with trace routes etc.

I have moved an am hoping it might be better so here is my question

If I come back without a sub to try the connection will my account get gimped to the point that I lose things. . credits items etc due to caps on storage / bank.   

I don't want to sub just to test it out.


Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!


  • GremeGreme Member UncommonPosts: 66
    As former subscriber you will get Preferred status, which means your credit cap will be 350,000 credits. Everything you own or earn above that will go to your Escrow account which can be accessed when you subscribe again or using Cartel Market item called Escrow Transfer (which can be bought from other players).

    There are no caps on your personal inventory / storage / Legacy Bank, if you unlocked any new tabs in your banks or some extra rows in your inventory you can use them all as Preferred player.

    If you have more characters than Preffered character limit (6 / 8 (if you own KotFE) characters) you will get the choice which of them you want to use. The other characters can be accessed again when you subscribe.

    If you owned any of the expansions (RotHC / SoR / KotFE) you can still access this content. You only need to subscribe if you want to play latest KotFE content. Of other areas only Section X daily zone is locked behind Cartel Unlock.

    There are couple of other things that require Cartel Market unlocks - ability to use Artifact (purple) gear, hide helmets, match colors of your armor to chest piece, use titles, extra skill bars (you will have 4 of those) and some other things I cant remember at the moment. You wont be able to send credits between your characters (this is subscriber only feature).

    All in all, to answer your question, you will not lose anything but you will be locked out of few things until you subscribe again or get Cartel Market unlocks.
  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,149
    Thanks so much for the detailed response. . that is exactly what I needed to know.

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

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