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A3: English P2P Version Live

AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623

Effective this morning at 00:00 (GMT+8) A3 launched their first ever P2P English server.  People who were previously in their beta program will get one week of free play time before having to begin paying to access the game.

They have posted a very detailed FAQ which should help to answer the questions you might have about this recent change.  You can read the FAQ at this link.

New features that you will find in the P2P version:

  • Mercenary Feature - Hire your very own Mercenary and have him fight alongside with you!
  • Lotto Feature - Be Lucky! Win In game money!
  • New Maps - Hatrel, Peushinnerr, Taoudruimos, Syvave
  • Passive Skills
  • Special Quest 1-3 and 1-4
  • Lucky Spin System - Available in our Starter Packs are Lucky Spin codes that allows you to win IN GAME ITEMS and Woonz.

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  • omunegruomunegru Member Posts: 12

    It was a very poor game when i tried it in beta few month ago. A worst PnC system. Worst camera and bad quality graphics.

    Had some interesting concepts but the gameplay mechanics really sucks.

    Posted on forum and ask the dev team to implement a WASD movement system but they wouldnt listen at that time saying if you dont like it dont play. So i moved on.

    Not recommended from my view.

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