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MMORPG.COM News: Kaneva: MMO Engine For Everyone



  • ReRollerReRoller Member Posts: 61

    I am surprised mmocenter.com or Rapid Reality haven't been mentioned in this thread.

    Rapid Realities ambitious team of 25 developers are pioneers trying to prove the power of the kaneva engine in there upcoming mmocenter.com. Promising to bring two fully working mmorpgs out by the end of 2005. Unbelievably ambitious!

    See more about them in the recent news thread here at mmorpg.com

  • harrisonm7harrisonm7 Member Posts: 4

    Originally posted by VikVektor

    3dsmax is required because of the plugin exporter for Kaneva is built for it, if it'll work for gmax or not I'm not sure as I've not used gmax and I don't know if the plugin archetecture is the same. I myself being a Softimage|XSI user felt the blow immediately ::::21::

    I'd like to see them support .xsi and Maya, as those are the apps that I have. I don't use 3dsmax. And to the poster above who listed free apps that can create .3ds files, great, but .3ds is not the 3dsmax file format.
    That's the older 3d Studio file format. Max uses .max files, which cannot be created with anything but 3dsmax.
    So this is truly not MMO for everyone. Only for the select few who own 3dsmax. Let's see them come out with a plugin for either gmax or XSI Mod tool, or at least XSI foundation and Maya, then it will truly be for everyone. Requiring 3dsmax was really a dumb decision on their part.

  • hocneyhocney Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone actually been able to dl the client ? I have tried several times yet the file dl's and is 0kb in size ? anyone able to shed some light on this .... I have also posted on their fourms about this and sent them an email though thought someone here may have had the same prob and sorted it out already !
  • DhaemanDhaeman Member Posts: 531

    Originally posted by sleepyguyftl
    Did that, waiting for an answer. Also it seems to require 3ds max. The company that makes 3dsmax has a free product specifically for creating game content. Not sure if its a decent replacement but here is the link:

    Program works well. Only problem is that I can't get the Kaneva plugin to work correctly with gmax which basically means that I can't export anything I create into Kaneva. Hopefully they'll fix that up soon enough.

  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    I created a basic test world, imported some objects, and generally messed around with settings and I have to say, its impressive. Once they implement the nice particle systems, bump mapping, and their beautiful shading possibilities, it will be rather nice.

    Now if I could only get the textures to import to Kaneva correctly ::::07::


  • ckobckob Member Posts: 17

    This engine is in no way for indie developers.  It requires you to use 3d studio max

    $3,495 - 3d studio max

    Commercial license - $50,000

    read the agreements

    Commercial License
    • Terms of Use. Unlimited user license. The Kaneva Software may only be used as a component of games developed by you.
    • Distribution. All listing of your games based on the Kaneva Software will be through Kaneva.com. As part of the License and Monthly User Fees specified below, Kaneva will host games using Kaneva Software on servers controlled by Kaneva. Games will be listed on and linked from Kaneva.com. You may distribute the Kaneva Game Engine only to end users through Kaneva.com as part of online enabled games developed, owned or licensed by you.
    • License Fee. A one time license fee of $50,000 per game, payable as set forth below.
    • Monthly User Fees. In addition to the one time license fee, Monthly User Fees per game developed using the Kaneva Software shall be the greater of the following:

    • $200 per month per game.

    • $2 per concurrent user per game, based on the highest number of concurrent users using the Kaneva Software for your game or games at any moment during the month.

    • 50% of net fees generated by each game based on the Kaneva Software. Net fees means gross revenues less hosting and operating expenses for the applicable games, including but not limited to a pro rata share of server space and internet connectivity. Hosting and operating expenses are estimated to be $1 per month per subscriber, but may be more or les depending on actual expenses incurred. You are solely responsible for setting the amount of monthly user fees for subscribers to your games. Until the license fee is paid in full, you will receive 20% of net fees. Of the remaining 80%, 30% will be credited against the outstanding amount of the license fee and 50% shall go to Kaneva for fees due hereunder. In addition, you may include your game in Kaneva’s monthly multi-game plan offered to subscribers, in which case you will receive credit to your net fees generated based on monthly fees collected by Kaneva adjusted to reflect your pro-rata portion based on usage of your game compared to usage of all games by unlimited monthly subscribers



  • lilsc0undr3llilsc0undr3l Member Posts: 3

    Cool! This looks great. I hope that it is as good as it looks and sounds!

  • MuttMutt Member Posts: 1

    If nothing else I really think this will spark some innovation in the genre

  • DhaemanDhaeman Member Posts: 531

    • Distribution. All listing of your games based on the Kaneva Software will be through Kaneva.com. As part of the License and Monthly User Fees specified below, Kaneva will host games using Kaneva Software on servers controlled by Kaneva. Games will be listed on and linked from Kaneva.com. You may distribute the Kaneva Game Engine only to end users through Kaneva.com as part of online enabled games developed, owned or licensed by you.

    So does this mean if you were to create an MMORPG that Kaneva would be hosting and paying for the servers?

  • GaelinGaelin Member Posts: 9

    Originally posted by avatar6572

    So does this mean if you were to create an MMORPG that Kaneva would be hosting and paying for the servers?

    Sure does.  That is really where the benefit of Kanvea shines.  Not only will they let you use the platform with no upfront costs, you only pay them when you make money (or want to host a free game i.e. advertainment), they will also buy and install servers to support your user load and do all the billing and billing customer service for you.  All the game developer needs to worry about is the game content/playability and in-game support (GM, Guides, holes in the world, quest bugs, etc.).  Gone are the days of hiring a staff of highly compensated network engineers to host your game.
  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    this engine WOULD be great, if there wasnt huge flaws in everything about it

    I know they say its in beta, but I have created 4 new game projects now, and run into the same problem every time. Once you create a game, add a zone, and import objects, everything seems to run fine. Once you save your game, and your zone, then close Kaneva, its game over. You can never load up the game successfully again, it just wont let you. Every object you had, is now "not found" and will not display in the rendering. Nothing works once you close/reload your game project. Kind of useless, dont you think? Create your entire game in 1 sitting... or its all trash... thats really fun by my book.


  • GaelinGaelin Member Posts: 9

    That is really strange.  Currently there are a number of people that are using the platform and are actually hosting games that I have personally logged into.  Post your issue on http://www.kaneva.com/create/forumsCreate.aspx?subtab=dev and see if anyone else had this issue.  There are also working game examples in http://www.kaneva.com/community/GregsKanevaHelpZone.channel.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bigcc32Bigcc32 Member Posts: 6

    Can someone please post a link, to a non flawed 3ds max plugin.

    I cannot export my models to kaneva...If there is no link can somone host the file? and then post the link...image

  • GaelinGaelin Member Posts: 9
    When you install the platform its in /program files/kaneva/platform/bin called KanevaPlugin.dle.  What type of error are you getting and how is it flawed?  I use that one currently with no issues.  The only known issue is if you want to export directly to the game studio without going to a file first is that the kaneva studio must be started before max.
  • Bigcc32Bigcc32 Member Posts: 6

    My plugin does (null) thats exactly what the 3d max program says.

    I have Kanevaplugin.dle copied into the 3ds max plugins folder, and i had the open kaneva editor,  i still cant export to .kep files. I dont get any kind of error message, i just cant do it. And anytime when i try to make it a .kep file first, i says, cant save that kind of file.

  • GaelinGaelin Member Posts: 9
    Ahh, i know what it is.  Some of the videos and training are for the next release, dont put an extension on the file.  It is exporting ARW and ARB files in the current version.  I believe the next release of the studio and plugin will be using the .KEP file extension.  Sorry about the confusion.  ARW = World file, and ARB = Character file.
  • Bigcc32Bigcc32 Member Posts: 6

    So how am i supposed to export directly to the KEP client, or is it in the next version too?

    I only have the arb extension.image And the arb file wont load to kaneva after i save it. The tutorials are confusing, i just need this answered... I created a model, and now i want to import it to caneva what do i do?

  • GaelinGaelin Member Posts: 9

    Here are the steps to creating a game:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    1-Create a world mesh, usually you can create just a simple bowl like world with its center at 0,0,0 and you will be fine.  Remember worlds have to have height (meaning you cant just export a plane) or the visibility calculations wont work.

    2-To Export this world to a directory simply File->Export in max and save these to a directory selecting all of the visuals at the top and clicking the export to directory in the BOTTOM section (the top section is for character export).

    3-Open the Kaneva Studio (editor), Do Game->New, Do Zone->New (entering the names appropriately).

    4-Click the zone tab, Click the Zone Objects in the tree, on the right you will see Object groups, click the plus sign and add a group (any name will do).

    5-Click that group, open the "Visuals in Group" section and click the file folder button.   Select ALL the files you exported and click ok.

    6-Click "Bld Coll Map" at the bottom to build your collision map.

    7-Click the Objects Tab, then select Actors.  On the right select axum_male and click the Box icon (it has three little lines above it, if you mouse over it it says "Place Actor"), put 0,99,0 in the location and then hit ok.

    You should now be walking around in your world.  There are a number of videos available at http://www.kaneva.com/community/GregsKanevaHelpZone.nowplaying .  I would suggest watching these and following along.  There are also the complete sources for a couple games on Kaneva to get you started if you are a little lost.

    Hope this helps,



  • Bigcc32Bigcc32 Member Posts: 6

    Thank you very much. I believe i can do it now, but you mentioned 'complete sources'.

    I do  not know how to create a bowl world, and kaneva editor is not opening the files i selected, its just sitting there.

    I cannot find and open sourcers, which might be helpful, that i can edit to get a feel for. The Kaneva website has very few useful downloads for this sort of thing.

  • CactusmanXCactusmanX Member Posts: 2,218
    Even with this engine I couldn't make a thing, too stupid.  But definatly good for those who have the drive but lack $50 million dollars.image

    Don't you worry little buddy. You're dealing with a man of honor. However, honor requires a higher percentage of profit

  • Bigcc32Bigcc32 Member Posts: 6

    WHY is my kaneva editor being soooo dumb? I cant even import them 1 at a time.... i have had no luck with kaneva yet, and all the good things that they hve for download, you have to PAY FOR. Who would pay for a model of a church. (i admit we pay for 3d models when we buy a complete game, but not when its alone.)

  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    Sure paying for models isnt bad, but when youre making a game... why would you want to buy a model that everyone else has access to? There would be no originality ::::12::


  • Bigcc32Bigcc32 Member Posts: 6

    I cannot make a model that can even be loaded into the kaneva engine. It seems that the beta version is useless to me. the media launcher cannot download those tutorial videos, for it finds errors. And the 3ds max is fine, but kaneva is dumb and isnt allowing anything.

    How do i make a bowl shaped world?

  • GaelinGaelin Member Posts: 9

    It would probably be better to post your questions on the Kaneva dev boards at http://www.kaneva.com/create/forumsCreate.aspx?subtab=dev .

    There are many games in development currently and maybe someone has had your same issue.

    There are many sites on the internet that can teach you 3ds max, for instance http://www.highend3d.com/3dsmax/tutorials/ seems to have some good information.

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