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Better free game? (or as good)

StJimStJim Member Posts: 26
I am  a little bored from mu i realy like it just need a rest of it so the question is: do you know better or as good free game?


  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    I know one better free game its Knight Online

  • PBskaterPBskater Member Posts: 228
    knight online seems coolimage.
  • dopefish18dopefish18 Member Posts: 163

    u can take a look at some other forum friend...

    dont u dare start playing MMORPG unless u want to be hooked

  • StJimStJim Member Posts: 26
    Hey!! inchiigais is a latvian name!! Nezinaaju ka shitajos forumos var atrast veel citus latvieshus. Anyways thnx for sudgestion ill go check knights online than.
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