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Alpha phase Guild forming.

VonbastionVonbastion Member Posts: 5

Imperative is seeking 10 or so writers to help begin what we hope will be a strong Rping Guild.  In Imperative we would feature ongoing guild storylines to go with in-game events.  Some of our early goals would be:

A teamspeak channel.

A no ones left behind rule, so that higher leveled characters would help new or less active members stay in the same level range.

A structured chain of command within the military aspects of the game and guild.

We realize that this is very early for a guild, we haven't finished the website yet, but we wish to come out of the gates with a strong guild.

We welcome everyone and would be greatful for any suggestions.

Unil the Empire Falls-Imperative!!

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  • Zap-RoboZap-Robo Member UncommonPosts: 233

    Von Bastion,

    The existing Legions of Imperator will wlecome fellow brothers-in-arms in the conflict against the Mayan menace - please stop by the larger Imperator Communities where many prospective members could be found.

    The other fansites you may want to look at are Vox Plebis ( ) and Imperator Census ( ) which both have Imperator Guild forums.

    Long live the Republic! (beacuse we're not an Empire!)

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