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Going very "personal"



  • larryp11233larryp11233 Member UncommonPosts: 97
    edited May 2016
    What do you do for $ in real life (if you ever need em)?
    - classified information :awesome: 
    Are you currently working/employed or self employed?
    - nopey
    What would motivate you to start working?
    - if its not just work for me but also a passion of mine
    Where/how did you meet your ex or current girlfriend/boyfriend?
    - hahahaha...haha....ha...
    How old are you?
    - not too old yet not too young :)
    Beside MMO/gaming sites, what other sites you visit on a daily basis (beside the obvious like youtube, facebook, etc.)?
    - the verge & gamereactor
    Do you live with your parents? If not with who else or alone?
    -classified information
    What else you do for hobbies?
    - painting and playing piano
    Do you drive a car?
    - does starting the engine counts? if not then nopey
    Which city do you live in?
    -classified information

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