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LF Craft Oriented, End Game and Active Community

szharperszharper Member UncommonPosts: 15
It seem we have this kind of post most of time. I've read a few of them to get an idea what people may reply. But first let me tell you what I'm looking for.

Macro Info:
1) As I said before I'm looking for a game where crafting matters. Really matter! ;
2)End game objectives, castles/sieges, regions, trade routes....be aware this objective also needs to mean something, not only stupid titles and such.;
3) Also it must have a active community and noob friendly community. There is no point start a game where you have no support from people at all.

Micro info:

1) Crafting: Can be simple or complex, but it needs to matter !;
2) PvE: Challenging mops, hard bosses and big bosses that are almost to impossible to defeat;
3) PvP Style: Open PvP;
4) PvP Rule: Hard punishment for PKers (system to avoid griefers);
5) Loot System: Preferable half loot (you dont lose every thing at once) but full loot can also be acceptable;
6) Graphics: Not sluggish / or too much indie style;
7) Released, or in END stage of beta;
8) Big player base, not 400 people who plays this once a week;
9) No Minecraft or blocks  :(

I gave a brief on what I'm looking for, so now let me tell a bit what I played and some opinion on some games.

Lineage 1 - Yes you read correctly Lineage I, and not 2. Its a damn 2D game who made me crazy for almost 10 years,most of you probably never seen or played. This game had the PvP system I liked, open but mostly no griefers because of law system. A lot of grind but no crafting besides few high-end equips. Sieges for castles that would gather $$$$ weekly...awsome. Dragons that would require a lot of people and effort to put them  down...could take HOURS to kill one. (Lacks on crafting and commerce) If NCSOFT ever release this back to US I would go back play

Ragnarok Online - Played a lot, mostly because of real life friends. Game sucked because no Open PvP, so KS made me annoyed as hell. Siege was nice and castles would give itens for crafting some cool itens. But no PvP and BOTS !!!!!!!!!!

EVE Online - spend 4-8 hours doing tutorials was boring as hell. Besides that at time i've played it was half million playes...was insane cool. Crafting is awesome...exploring same. Community was like cool and bad at same time. Also it sucked a lot of time to learn how to play in order to enjoy. No noob friendly with exception of some companies. It didnt stick around cause I couldnt fit in community and space...not my type.

Mortal Online - This game have a lot of awesome concept. Skill progression, crafting...etc. But it have a HUGE issue on dev, huge problem with griefers, totally not noob friendly. I played hardcore for like 2-3 months, i could find a guild that was nice, I was crafting then I start realizing GM?admins favoring players, bots/scripts. Did I mention griefers?

WoW - Played little, never really appealed to me.

Project Gorgom -  Very interesting, crafting is kid of challenge at begging. I personally dont like the graphics and its bothering me. Player base also very low.

Albion Online - Gets close to what I want. Still waiting test before live to check it out.

Black Desert - Cannot play since I'm living in china (VPN dont work perfectly unless you just botting out) 

If you guys have something that goes under those attributes please let me know. May what I want dont exist yet, but who knows !

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