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Need a MMORPG where i can be lightning mage

sujay840sujay840 Member UncommonPosts: 4
Can anyone help me out with a released or an upcoming mmorpg where i can be a lightning mage.

Games Played: Aion, Rift, Neverwinter, GW2 , Aura Kingdom , Archeage , Forsaken World.


  • IkisisIkisis Member UncommonPosts: 443
    www.darkfallriseofagon.com you can be anything you want.

  • LorgarnLorgarn Member UncommonPosts: 417
    edited March 2016
    Wizard/Witch in BDO is pretty lightning heavy actually.
  • sujay840sujay840 Member UncommonPosts: 4
    hey hey hey this is not an advertisement. i am asking genuinely
  • sujay840sujay840 Member UncommonPosts: 4
    pretty sad BDO is seems to be blocked for my country "India".
  • kitaradkitarad Member EpicPosts: 5,955
    edited March 2016
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    I think Black Mage in FFXIV has some lightning spells. May be also Blade and Soul.
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  • DirtyDozenDirtyDozen Member RarePosts: 388
    Maybe not the setting you're looking for, but SWTOR's Sith Sorcerer, so much lightning you may even grow tired of it.
  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,214
    What kitarad said (also, what do you mean under "recently released mmo"? There was none, unless you count archaged and reheated leftovers from Korea :lol: )

    sujay, since AoC isn't on your played list, check ToS there, thunder / lightning focused dps-healer, fun class (but shammy is better). Here's a recap from this site years ago: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/191/feature/2343/Tempest-of-Set-Class-Overview.html

    LotRO's rune-keeper has a lightning-based route too (a coincidence but also a dps-healer), but I never used it, I think fire or ice are more effective. Still, maybe worths a shot.
  • ThumbtackJThumbtackJ Member UncommonPosts: 669
    Elder Scrolls ONline - Sorcerer - Storm Calling skill line. 

    I play a dual wielding, 'Lightning Tornado' (lightning form + steel tornado) stamina sorc, and I love it. 

    Also, SWTOR has the Sith Sorcerer. Tons of lightning there. 
  • ArqumidesArqumides Member UncommonPosts: 3
    ESO sorcerer has a skill tree dedicated to lightning.
  • kitaradkitarad Member EpicPosts: 5,955
    Totally forgot about the Sith Sorcerer oh yes lightning from the fingers .

  • sujay840sujay840 Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Thank you guys for your response.

    @Po_gg AoC still has a good player base ?
    @kitarad sorry i forgot to mention i did play BnS and thank you i will check out SWTOR and Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,214
    Last time when I checked, Crom (the PvE serverin Conan) was pretty crowded, but to be honest, lately I spend more days in TSW... (which reminds me, Elemental in TSW is kinda lightning mage... it's not a class-based game though)
  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,395
    SWTOR  Sith Inquisiter/Sorcerer 

    EQ1, EQ2, SWG, SWTOR, GW, GW2 CoH, CoV, FFXI, WoW, CO, War,TSW and a slew of free trials and beta tests

  • KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 3,025
    ESO, don't play one but ALWAYS see sorcerers covered in lightning lol.
  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,042
    Need. lol.
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,365
    Forsaken World has one
    Nah please do not play that game lol

    ESO is a good choice as was said.
    Also GW2 has one.  Arcane Lightning Elementalist

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