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Looking for a guild that also has an open bar and an Icee machine.(XboxOne Edition)

carswell13carswell13 Member UncommonPosts: 13
Ok, I know the Icee machine is a stretch and the open bar is more high fantasy than this game is, but a boy can dream.

I just recently started on this game so I'm new but I don't need my hand held at all if that helps and doesn't get the scarlet letter thrust upon me. I am playing a Restro staff/Pet sorc, don't judge, I like my pretty pets and dammit, I can heal you!!!!!!!

The world seems empty, would be nice to join a Ka-tet of sorts.

My gamer tag is CthulhuAteMyDog

Yes, I said gamertag, as in Xbox, NOT pc. I shall now patiently await to be bludgeoned for daring to play a mmo on something other than nice, I bleed easily.

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