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mistmakermistmaker Member UncommonPosts: 321

i am considering trying the game out because its ... new and AAA and i was interested years ago (was adverted as a sandbox...)

combat is the thing i will do most and my concern is that its too action oriented. If you could compare the combat to another released game, to which game would it compare most?

i played a lot of mmos but just a small list: AoC, Swtor, GW1+2, diablo 2+3, secret world, wildstar, archeage, eso

from the videos i would compare it to gw2 and probably eso

(not what i like, i prefer aoc or swtor style)


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,722
    edited February 2016
    combat doesn't compare to any mmo out there. I heard someone said its similar to vindictus. It is just a little bit similar to it, but much better, varied, smoother.

    No action combat released right now compares to it. Im talking based on my experience with Closed Beta 1, and with all those other action based mmos out there.

    EDIT: its not like ESO, eso has a reticle, but has a wow tab targetting behind it. GW2 is not action, its hybrid, instead of tab target you auto target and attack freely (although they added a reticle mode too)

    BDO is a different beast.

    EDIT: BDO has one thing in similar to AOC, when you are fighting you can link combos with the directional buttons (left, right + attacks) like in AOC, but the combat in BDO is much better IMO.

  • mistmakermistmaker Member UncommonPosts: 321
    edited February 2016
    I read somewhere that you have to press mouse keys and other keys in the right sequence, are those the combos you mean?

    so no mass keybinds needed and more muscle memory?
  • Righteous_RockRighteous_Rock Member RarePosts: 1,234
    The proximity addon sort of makes it feel like wildstar
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