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Sorcerer King : Completely Stuck

cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,653
I have restarted the campaign again because the guardian champ Kayla was very weak and I kept losing units and the ranger has sucky spells. The falcon though was amazing as it allowed me to get in touch with other allies.

I am now playing the wizard with his sword wielding champion and hypnotism which is so overpowered except when my battle wargs all got stuck in battle and refused to even leave the group. I had to remove every other unit from the group and leave the wargs behind to solve that one.

Now however I am absolutely stuck my campaign map has no way for my scout to get out of the ship and walk over to the neighbouring lands and speak to anyone. The ship does not have anywhere to go that will allow my scout to get off. No open strip of land all blocked off by mountains. I saw a video on youtube by kill ten rats and his map had an open area for the ship to land. My map does not. How can I solve this. Is the solution only to blow up the mountains .Or is there some way I have missed.

I also wanted to ask I am only training the one unit up as the other units are not gaining any levels idling about doing nothing but guarding but what happens when the sorcerer kings sends armies to fight my cities I cannot be everywhere with my main champ so am I supposed to level my other armies up too ? How can I do that when the enemies I can fight only get progressively stronger and is it not tedious to send different groups to fight each group of bandits you meet. This is not so much an issue when you can hypnotise and get stronger and stronger units in every battle as you level but what about the other Sovereigns how do they manage.

Game crashes a lot too. Very buggy but good game just frustrating at times.
Chamber of Chains
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