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BDO Closed Beta Two Ignites the Community - Black Desert Online at



  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 15,345
    Torval said:
    Scot said:
    It does seem many players believed the hype, we have been doing this for over 16 years (if not back then on this site). Will I be able to come back here in ten years time and still see seasoned players who believed the hype?

    From what I have read BDO is good at what the devs aimed for and poor at everything else, not really a surprise.

    Hopefully I will not see you on the next hype train, but will see you standing in the train waiting room. Calmly assessing what has come out, not games that have not come out/been localised etc.
    What do you people care if someone likes to ride the new game train every release? And by you people I mean you people... who criticize every new game that comes out and anyone who likes it.

    If someone plops $30/50/100 down without thinking it through and then complains about it, then that's their problem. I have no sympathy. But implying that anyone who enjoys the game shouldn't get excited is just messed up.

    Why do I have to come back in 10 years and still be excited about the game? Why do I even have to like it 10 years from now? I'm living in the now. Now I'm interested in it. Now I feel like playing it. What happened then or will happen 6 months or 10 years from now doesn't really matter where gaming is concerned.

    Firstly for all those people who have said they don't make the mistake of buying before they see what they are getting. Thanks, it is good to know more people are using their heads than I thought.

    I think you will find Torval that I don't criticize every new game that's released. The reason I know that's the case is I find out very little about games before they are released so know hardly anything about them to comment on.

    Taking BDO as an example, most of my information came from this thread, hardly a font of knowledge. After launch, if I decided not to play after extensive research I would be able to say why, but I hardly ever even post about that.

    My post here has been about the hype, which is always super inflated, we know it is, yet so many still believe. BDO's degree of hype is no worse or better than any other release I can think of.

    The length of time I was suggesting people wait until they decided to make up their mind was until launch, not ten years time. :)

  • JDis25JDis25 Member RarePosts: 1,353
    "The thing is that MMO players are looking for "the next great thing", the game that will finally propel the genre forward past the current era that lays in the shadow of World of Warcraft. Every game coming down the pipe is hyped to such a degree that it's been impossible to measure up to the expectations of a starving community."

    I don't feel this way at all. I mean seriously was WoW THAT amazing?

    I feel like all games have brought some great stuff to the table, I think people need to realize these are just games, not "Virtual Worlds That Have Every Feature We Want and None That We Do Not And Will Consume My Very Being For All Eternity"
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  • magnuscallidusmagnuscallidus Member UncommonPosts: 1
    it is correct to say that the game has not yet reached its final stage. It has many flaws. But it isn't even released. So wait for release, and for the first patches, and the following. I think Daum games will work on the game.
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