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Free Steam Games

BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,662
edited February 2016 in PC Gaming
I tried the G2A 10 random keys twice and got the same identical crap so here you go enjoy:

Stigmat - GMDVL-94F74-26GZY
Russian Horror Story - PN85I-DHHV9-BMZYV
Blood of Old - ELPGC-IZF2J-NBMWI
Dead Bits - I3EM9-WRKIZ-FKPJ2
Bloodbath Kavkaz - MEQIT-XCZ60-DTTTB
Pressure - P6XIJ-L7WFT-2PBQR
Glacier 3: The Meltdown - I33F5-X3K5N-LK0CI

Don't be greedy, let other people take some of these games. Leave a comment or something so I know which keys have been taken. 

Also got 2x Two World II & 2x X-Blades but I'd rather not hand them out for free. I might trade them or give them to friends we shall see later.

Anyway don't fall for the value like I did, these random key purchases that look so good, in reality are not really that good. They are a scam and hand out mostly bad games, old games or games that where free before. You will get multiple copies if you attempt.

You have been warned.

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