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Starwars Galaxies NGE



  • HorusraHorusra Member EpicPosts: 4,411
    Wizardry said:
    LazyDazed said:
    There is a huge difference between SWGEmu, who has re-written the game code vs WoW and other private servers that steal code.
    Except is this even legal?

    I understand the law to mean you only have the right to startup a server to run THE game and not to manipulate the code.That would be outright theft of copyright material to use as you wish,the law was meant to only allow you to keep playing the game not to steal code and rewrite it.
    Plus, isn't there a question of the IP licences now? Hasn't SWG itself expired  by now? Can they just use the Star Wars content legally anymore?
    depends.  Are they making money off it or are they doing damage to the IP?
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