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Undergraduate Final Year Project Questionnaire : Computer Game Accessibility Options

CatbertCatbert Member UncommonPosts: 28
Hello all,

Could you please take time to fill out my questionnaire on Accessibility Solutions for Computer Games?

The link is : Website link

I am researching accessibility in computer games to try and show how different accessibility options can come together to make games more accessible.

My aim for the end product is to have a simple game that can be played and enjoyed by a wide variety of people with unique needs including those who suffer from disabilities. The game idea is about defeating different kinds of accessibility barriers so that different users have the same enjoyment level, no matter of their requirements.


Currently there are numerous groups of people who do not attempt to play computer games as they feel that their specific needs would somehow limit playability of video games.

Computer games would normally require a user to have good sensor, motor and/or mental skills to be able to play them successfully. These factors alone cause computer games to be inaccessible for a large number of people.

The term “accessibility” is traditionally associated with people who suffer from disabilities. Throughout the project the term will also be used to look into accessibility barriers in computer games that are not caused by mental, sensory or physical disabilities.

In the gaming industry, computer games accessibility is still not having the consideration it needs when it comes to developing games so in order to tackle this problem this project will try to showcase various accessibility solutions that could be included in computer games.

My Background

I am currently in my final year of study at University. I am studying Computer Games Programming BSc(Hons) which aims to give me the technical skills needed for various job roles across the gaming industry.


Due to my time constraints on completing the project it would be highly appreciated if you could complete the questionnaire before the 28/02/2016.


All responses received will be treated with confidentiality.

Thank you

Thanks in advance for taking the time as well as effort to fill out the questionnaire. It is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve the project’s findings and the end product.
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