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[NA]The Revenant[Gaming Community][18+]

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Guild Website -

A story was told long ago of the warriors who had fallen during the faction wars of the realm many of those fighting for reasons of there own or of a wider perspective, these warriors fought for truth and integrity and to maintain those values and maintain the livelihood which they held dear and the loved ones they held dear. As the story is told to keep young children and adults from making the mistakes of there ancestors and to stop any bloodshed in the name of revenge they gave  the story a all to happy ending.... But in the distance of the lands a war gong could be heard, a sound indistinguishable by many a man, the ring of swords colliding with shields and the wretched growl of the dead rising, the spirits returning to there former bodies to continue there fight... these men could only be known as....the revenant


Many of our members are active or retired military, so it is by our nature to follow these values


Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers. Bearing true faith and allegiance is a matter of believing in and devoting yourself to something or someone. A loyal Soldier is one who supports the leadership and stands up for fellow Soldiers. By wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army you are expressing your loyalty. And by doing your share, you show your loyalty to your unit.


Fulfill your obligations. Doing your duty means more than carrying out your assigned tasks. Duty means being able to accomplish tasks as part of a team. The work of the U.S. Army is a complex combination of missions, tasks and responsibilities — all in constant motion. Our work entails building one assignment onto another. You fulfill your obligations as a part of your unit every time you resist the temptation to take “shortcuts” that might undermine the integrity of the final product.


Treat people as they should be treated. In the Soldier’s Code, we pledge to “treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same.” Respect is what allows us to appreciate the best in other people. Respect is trusting that all people have done their jobs and fulfilled their duty. And self-respect is a vital ingredient with the Army value of respect, which results from knowing you have put forth your best effort. The Army is one team and each of us has something to contribute.


Put the welfare of the nation, the Army and your subordinates before your own. Selfless service is larger than just one person. In serving your country, you are doing your duty loyally without thought of recognition or gain. The basic building block of selfless service is the commitment of each team member to go a little further, endure a little longer, and look a little closer to see how he or she can add to the effort.


Live up to Army values. Honor is a matter of carrying out, acting, and living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, integrity and personal courage in everything you do.


Do what’s right, legally and morally. Integrity is a quality you develop by adhering to moral principles. It requires that you do and say nothing that deceives others. As your integrity grows, so does the trust others place in you. The more choices you make based on integrity, the more this highly prized value will affect your relationships with family and friends, and, finally, the fundamental acceptance of yourself.


Face fear, danger or adversity (physical or moral). Personal courage has long been associated with our Army. With physical courage, it is a matter of enduring physical duress and at times risking personal safety. Facing moral fear or adversity may be a long, slow process of continuing forward on the right path, especially if taking those actions is not popular with others. You can build your personal courage by daily standing up for and acting upon the things that you know are honorable.

Our Goals - 

To not only grow together and reach power that we only hope to gain, but to assist our fellow members in getting too. We will reach endgame and strive to maintain the luster of the content.


My promise -

As a leader i expect those who i designated to lead under me, to lead as i would.... to lead not only by example but to be there every single step of the way regardless of the members rank or how new they are, we are all in this together and we play together.

Rules -

1. No disrespecting any members(this goes for even myself, i treat others how i wish to be treated)
2. Activity (unless you have spoken to me, i do understand real life gets in the way

Officer Ranks

General - Has absolute authority and leads by example

Colonel - Acts as general when he is absent, same power hold

Lt. Colonel - acts as a recruiter and supervisor of daily functions for the guild

Major - Acts as a mentor and guide to the new players



Enlisted Ranks

SGM - Reports directly to the general and acts as his advisor

1SGT - reports to the LT. Col and supervises squads and teams

SFC - Acts as the !sgts advisor and will be placed in his place when he is absent

SSG - Will raise morale to the troops and lead a squad

SGT - Will be in charge of a Section

Corporal - Will lead a section if the SGT is not around

SPC - Will train the initiates

PFC - Member

PVT - Jr. Member

Initiate - Must proved worthiness to be in the guild


Current Game Interests -

Blade and Soul(Current)


Guild Wars 2

League of Legends

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Black Desert Online

Dead Island(1&2)


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