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Not any time soon...

Staffa22Staffa22 Member Posts: 22

The comment in the recent newsletter about hoping to get a new web-site up by the end of the year has made me a little less optimistic about the game.  If they aren't even going to relaunch the web-site till end of year, this game is still a long long ways off.  I would be surpsied if we see it before 3rd quarter of 2006 at the earliest and possibly 2007.  

I had been hoping for beta late this year and a launch during the first half of next year.  


  • A1learjetA1learjet Member UncommonPosts: 258

    Not necesarily, alot can be added and changed in a game in a short amount of time,a web site for a forum is just to keep the public in the know and to keep hype for a game going.if you look at the pace they have been going on the game(from there forum and newsletter) they border on perfectionism and I doubt they would make refrence to Beta unless they feel they have a very sound product.I know everyone has played some game allready that they charge for or ask for money for special items ect. that still seem like a Beta in progress instead of a finished product.

    I feel Beta testing will be out soon and thats what they have hinted at.But if your hoping for a product to buy by winter or spring I feel we will have to waiteimage

    But when it is ready we should be in for a treat.image

  • A1learjetA1learjet Member UncommonPosts: 258

    :image sorry double posted..

  • StowawayStowaway Member Posts: 165

    "Many features and game-play mechanics will be fine tuned during the coming months and Beta testing"

    Fingers crossed.

    About the website -

    They probably just dont want, as they say with most info, to get peoples hopes up too much.

    better they say by the end of the year and we get it by then, than saying 'end of summer' and come october its not there and we all go.... ::::06:: "WHERE IS THE FORUM"


    While there is discussion going on here from what seems to me to be a great community with different opinions but also able to really get them across without arguing, it's great.

    They read here, they can get the people who are really really waiting with baited breath for this game and their views on it.

    If the forums went up it might get a bit chaotic, tons of posts full of a million opinions and probably a spam problem, when the game would still be a year or more off.

    I always thought a forum would go up with beta, just for people testing to talk, bounce views and share ideas.

    ... God. please god. If beta is in the next few months. let me be in it..

    *Grovel to the powers that be*

  • DeunanDeunan Member Posts: 17

    I'd have to agree on the indication of "perfectionism" and I have to say I don't mind that at all. If it takes longer, it takes longer. Too many times we have seen mmorpgs release with a "playable" product instead of a finished one. It seems to be more about money than quality. When did we forget that doing it right the first time is better than doing it many times wrong? Seems Icarus has not forgotten. Valve hasn't forgotten either... when it's done, it's done.

    Of course that doesn't take away the yearning for information and pictures... I like pictures lol.

    "It's the little things in life." Tech Sgt Chen

  • TymoraTymora Member UncommonPosts: 1,295

    I've read the newsletters and gotten some E-mail responses, and everything written points towards a determined focus on making a perfect, fun game, without getting sidetracked or distracted by other things such as a website.

    This sounds both good and bad to me.  I love how they are really focusing on the development.  I think the final product will be great, and likely it will be polished, with a smooth release (hopefully).

    But, without a website for fan input, I fear that the development may not be getting all the wishes and concerns we have about the game.  I think it is time for the website to up if the game will be released early next year.  The Matrix Online had their forums up for a long, long time before the game was released, and a huge, very tight-knit community was built just on the forums, which translated to a great community in-game.

    I hope that Fallen Earth is coming soon, and if it is, I think we need the website . . . not only do we need it, but the developers do, too.

  • StowawayStowaway Member Posts: 165

    pretty sure they'll be aware of that and they are planning to make changes on feedback during beta.

    The only problem is getting into beta to get your views across ::::34::

    We dont know their schedule but there will be time for feedback and making changes, im pretty sure of that.

    And hopfully beta will go up by end of the year.

    I have confidence in them and try and cling onto the positive even if im a lil upset we wont see the website as soon as I hoped.

    We all are craving information, something new, something to cling onto. Even though we just had a newsletter i feel like for most people its not enough to keep them going, like feeding a speck of food to a ravenous and starved dog.

    im craving more, but im happy to just get a newsletter and not be left in the dark for months and months. Hopfully it wont be months or more untill more information is released.

    If beta really is scheduled for this year then i'd like to see more info being released, building up the amount of updates we get , not just something every couple of months.

    sure, an updated dev diary or project diary would be awesome. But they aren't going that route, they've always said they dont want to give out ideas and info , they want to give out stuff that is done and dusted.

    But... for now we just have to trust them.


    I totally share your fears and concerns, and am checking these forums and the fallenearth forum every day lol , just for any glimmer of new info. but what can we do but wait patiently, keep supporting and discussing here.

  • darkasterdarkaster Member Posts: 187

    Well, the biggest battle of them all was creating the tools.

    As they said they made it so they can add content efficiently, and if they can just keep up the great progress they have been making as of late, I'm sure it'll be done in a timely fashion. All we can do is wait in awe ::::02::

  • DeridaDerida Member Posts: 30

    Arf! I keep reading the posts and wating. <<SIGH>>


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