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So why is this game dead exactly?



  • Jonnyp2Jonnyp2 Member UncommonPosts: 243
    edited February 2016
    Shodanas said:
    @Jonnyp2 ; you write from a PvP perspective. However, WS is mainly a PvE mmo and it launched as such. It is the PvE aspect which failed and drove people away. 
    I definitely mentioned that, not that I would read that pointless wall of text I wrote either...
  • scorpex-xscorpex-x Member RarePosts: 1,030
    4Renziks said:
    Thats not a logical answer...because you can reverse it and come to the same conclusion.  SWTOR or any other sci-fi mmo does nothing different than wildstar. It answers nothing, but thanks for the response. 

    It doesnt have an established IP makes more sense. 
    I'm just gonna say it, I think it's all about that art style.  Quite why they thought loony toon cowboys in space was gonna be a big pull is beyond me, especially when they are competing with WoW and games that offer high quality models etc.

    They even altered models to try placate SJW and that got them even more hate.
  • HarikenHariken Member EpicPosts: 2,571
    The carpal tunnel-inducing combat killed the game inside the womb, the rest of the flaws were just a bonus.
    Its so funny how people don't want to admit that the combat system of this game is what killed it for most people. Its a ghost town because of it.
  • StoneRosesStoneRoses Member RarePosts: 1,667
    edited February 2016
    The game is too difficult for some cats, so they blame the combat for being bad when they themselves can't wrap their minds around the mechanics of the game.

    Like I've said before hit lvl 20 run your first dungeon and hear all the crying. Unless they nerfed it, plan on getting your asses handed to you if you're not proactive.

    I have nothing bad to say about the WS I'm just too 
    involved with GW2.
    MMORPGs aren't easy, You're just too PRO!
  • RusqueRusque Member RarePosts: 2,785
    Cause it's bad.

    No, it's not a more in-depth WoW or WoW 2.0. It's just bad and doesn't hold a candle to WoW, if it did you wouldn't be asking "why is it dead?" If it did, it would have a good sized player base.
  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,851
    During the development period, I got to watch a video hosted by this site, interviewing a panel of MMO developers from SoE (EQN), FunCom (TSW) and Carbine (WS) ANd they were all asked what they were doing to make their games different. Wild Star answered 1st. Their answer......."Combat" I knew right then and there the game was doomed. But then, as time moved on, I remember seeing a YouTube of a chest puzzle lock. It was a Simon Mini-game. I was left speechless. What were these guys thinking? It was evident (to me at least) This game would never amount to anything.
  • JDis25JDis25 Member RarePosts: 1,353
    The game hurt my eyes, my hands, my brain...
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  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,441
    surprised you could make it to 10, I couldnt make it past 6, on 5 different occassions

  • PalaPala Member UncommonPosts: 332
    edited February 2016
    For me style, UI, and just seemed all too narrow somehow. Made it to level 8 3-4 weeks ago. Saying that I made it to level 7 in GW2 and level 5 in FFXIV before I quit so maybe its better who knows. 
  • VelocinoxVelocinox Member UncommonPosts: 1,010
    Because it's a WoW clone that made what people SAID they wanted instead of making what they REALLY wanted.

    'Sandbox MMO' is a PTSD trigger word for anyone who has the experience to know that anonymous players invariably use a 'sandbox' in the same manner a housecat does.

    When your head is stuck in the sand, your ass becomes the only recognizable part of you.

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  • RhygarthRhygarth Member UncommonPosts: 258
    edited February 2016
    get to lvl 50 and start doing pug vet dungeons you will see the game if full of people that dont have time for n00bs and if you don't 1 shot a boss + do 110% damage you will be kicked.

    also all the best gear is locked behind 20man raids that you need to revolve your life around to stand any chance of geting the uber weapons

    are you single with no kids ? then this might just be the game for you.

    ohh just to let you know i am all up for spending time in a mmo, im just not spending every night in the same raid.
  • svandysvandy Member UncommonPosts: 277
    ^^^ Yeah, this and TSW are both terrible about this you must have so and so build or don't even bother because you will never get anywhere.....

    Everytime I log into TSW this is the first thing I see in chat and instantly my stomach starts to churn... I hate games where I feel pigeon holed into certain skills

    This breaks my heart. TSW is another game I love, but for some reason once I upgraded my PC TSW randomly started crashing. But  yes...l that game also suffers from elitists. 

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  • pantaropantaro Member RarePosts: 515
    The carpal tunnel-inducing combat killed the game inside the womb, the rest of the flaws were just a bonus.
    my roomie loves the art style to death,but that's what killed it for me too. they do get points for the business model change tho
  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn Member EpicPosts: 3,401
    4Renziks said:
    Just pick this one up.. got a spellslinger to 10 then medic to 13.  With all the shit mmos out there and terrible f2p models theres no reason this game should be a ghost town.  The biggest flaw of the game right now is low level population. To me its a more indepth version of WoW or WoW 2.0.  Does the game start good and become superman 64 after lvl 20 or something ? what am I missing?
    With all the efforts to fix issues it had, low pop can be the silent killer.  It takes a lot of skill and a fair bit of luck to pull out of a low level tail spin.  Low pop, can in and of itself, be the killer.  

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  • pinktailzpinktailz Member UncommonPosts: 173
    shitty visuals and awful combat+animation

    also setting and characters feels retarded
  • LazzaroLazzaro Member UncommonPosts: 548
    For me I was expecting more of a sandpark mmo, but when it turned it to a crappier version of WoW it was extremely disappointing.

    Theme Park MMO these day have to be something special to hold peoples attention and WS was not.
  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Member EpicPosts: 3,766
    edited February 2016
    I found the style way over the top- cartoon graphics, cartoon humor, the game saying "way to go, cupcake" when you level up... basically borderline offensive as an adult.

    If the combat or pvp or something was amazing, I could overlook these things.  But they aren't imo.

    The style choice is especially bizarre when you consider the game was launched as being for hardcore raiders.  Why would any hardcore raider want to be called a cupcake?
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,834
    It was always billed as a themepark mmo.

     I think people are just way too critical of games. I mean the game is not perfect but for what it does I think it does it well enough. The art style I get some would not like, though personally I like it. I like that the game does not take itself too serious yet is harder than the average mmo.

     To me it has fun classes, good race selection, great mounts and pets. I like the housing and the side jobs are awesome. The world is interesting enough for me to wander around in and I like the sound design. Plus they have one of the better F2P models on the market. My main mmo is EQ2 but WildStar is not as bad as some would make it out to be. People are just wore out on mmos in general I think. No game seems to have the majority say "You know what? This game rocks!" I know WildStar is a niche game but it fills the niche for me.

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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,973
    I didn't like the combat style or the way quests were laid out.  Skills gave me nothing to really look forward to having.  Everything else was ok.

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  • FlintsteenFlintsteen Member UncommonPosts: 282
    I only briefly played the beta. I never got hooked.  I played abit and did some quests and logged off.  I just never had the urge to log back in.  Maybe it was the IP that just wasn't there,  but i dont think so.  I never player any warcraft games before wow and that sucked me in.  That game just had me hooked from level 1.

    I just never cared about Wildstars world or the npc's in Wildstar or my own character. It lacked immersion i guess.  I dont think it was a bad game,  i just never got to the point where i cared.
  • EponyxDamorEponyxDamor Member RarePosts: 734
    TL;DR - The game never found it's audience. Cartoonish graphics with overly difficult content, and very little to chew on initially (can't really say now, since I haven't played in a while).

    It's still a pretty good game, and I would definitely say give it a shot.
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,834
    Quests are laid out like most mmos.
    The skills set up is one of the strengths of the game. Like my Warrior can be set up to be Assault, Support or Utility and in AMPS and you have a lot more freedom than many games in the genre. You have the ASB to switch out skills depending on what you are trying to do. Requiring some thinking ahead as to what skills that you have that you are going to make active. I love that. Unlike WOW that just throws skills at you WS makes you pick and choose what skills to set active based on the situation you will find yourself in. Plus the Paths you can choose really make the gameplay varied enough to not just be stuck in a quest treadmill.

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  • tenfootgoatman123tenfootgoatman123 Member UncommonPosts: 53
    I enjoyed the game but I was playing on the EU pvp server and when I got to level 50 there just didn't seem to be much of a community . There seemed to be only one English speaking guild actively recruiting on the server whenever I logged in and when I sent messages of interest to who ever was recruiting I never got a reply so ended up giving up on the game . Shame really because its not a bad mmo in my opinion . 
  • liva98989liva98989 Member UncommonPosts: 252
    Well I quit because of the quests, I just felt exhausted going through quests, and didn't want to do it all over agian.


  • CazrielCazriel Member UncommonPosts: 419
    I tried WS twice and just hated the graphic style.   Nothing really caught me.  Overly cute stuff was just arch rather than actually cute.  I tend to vet games pretty rigorously these days.  If a game says that it's designed for hardcore players, I believe it and stay away.   By the time they did a 180, the parade has passed by.

    And don't think SWTOR had an easy ride.  Those yahoos almost broke their game as well, but they managed to pull it out of a crash dive.  But then SWTOR has a great IP, movies that reignite interest and a demonstrably unique approach for an MMO which Bioware has finally figured out how to make work. 

    Also, don't be too dismissive of the combat style as a negative.  When almost all of us live by the computer these days, having any kind of hand, wrist, arm or shoulder injury is very, very bad news.   Repetitive strain injuries (the oft mis-named carpal tunnel syndrome) for those afflicted most definitely impacts the games you play. 
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