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My desired PvP MMO

Kez95Kez95 Member UncommonPosts: 53
  • 6 or 7 factions, maybe more, 250-350 players each
  • PvP begins only after 1 week of people stuck in their own region
  • 50 different jobs - warrior, archer, woodsman, cook, cartographer, spy, diplomat, entertainer, siegemaster, and on and on
  • Each job has at least 1 building associated with it, some more than others, that they manage
  • The town has 100+ NPCs that you can recruit to go get wood, or farm, or whatever, but the profession master has to instruct them first, and they level up, etc.
  • Each server will have 3 masters of a job at once, and each person will have 1 master profession, 1 minor, and 5 others
  • Masters will have huge bonuses to stats of their profession, but anyone can do anything, but better if it is one of their specialties
  • Goal of the game is to defeat all other factions by killing their NPC towers, guards, and king - that faction is then booted from the server
  • The game has a beginning of crafting, teamwork, utilizing the NPCs for tasks, deciding what to focus on (dungeons, fast travel, towers, archer gear, warrior gear, magic, potions, cooking, keeping morale high, working on fitness/stamina, exploring your land, so many options)
  • The middle part of the game is exploring your 2 neighbors for how strong they are, and what they are doing, and fighting for resources that lie between you
  • The end game is wars that slowly eliminate factions until only 2 are left to have a final battle, that could take a day or months
  • Eventually, a winner kills the other factions' king, and the server is gone, done, over.  Leaderboards with hundreds of statistics are saved for all of history
  • Next game, new server, this time you try out being a priest and choosing which god to please or just something totally different.  Set the temple up and get it going, and your kingdom then votes on which God (stat bonuses) to align with
  • You can still fight at any time, even if you're the cook, just not as well
  • Crafting and items are for the whole community - need a bow, go get one, none there? help collect the resources or make them yourself - obviously a really experienced fletcher/woodsman will be making them and leveling them up, making your faction's bows stronger
  • Other key feature - limited time; make many servers available at the same time, but some will limit you to 3 hours a day, or 30 hours a week, etc., so that each game is not based on just how many hours were put in by the players of that faction; "They won because everyone played all day long and we have day jobs" will never be said.
  • Many servers to choose from, cost $5 or something like that to join a server; if you win, you get a ticket to join another one for free. 2nd place, discount, and so on
  • If your cartographer or someone else is never on, or just horrible, your faciton votes quickly, in-game, to replace him and someone becomes the master.  If enough people leave your server, then the main server selection screen will alert people that such and such server needs more people, and will list the professions, and you can join for a discount or sometimes free if the team is really struggling.  That is a good time to try a new profession and see what it is like.
I think this would be really fun.  I think most MMO players enjoy rerolling characters, but not just to go through the same content over and over.  Each server would have a different landscape, it would have to, because the cartographer and explorer roles are critical at the early stages to discover where the iron is, the dungeon or tower is, what mobs are where, etc., and they will essentially build your world map for the rest of the faction.  Then scouts and spies are important for exploring enemy territory.

Anyways, please tell me your thoughts!  And as always, if you wanted to play 12+ hours a day, you could just join 2 servers at the same time.

MMORPGs are virtual skinner boxes.


  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Member EpicPosts: 3,771
    I really like the idea, however I think there should be some feeling of progression.

    Even MOBAs allow you to collect skins and voicepacks and stuff like that.  Hell you get level progression and can save special candies in Candy Crush.

    Starting off from total scratch every time may turn off a lot of people.

    I'd definitely play it though.
  • MardukkMardukk Member RarePosts: 2,222
    No character building.  No wealth building, no building of any kind really.  I'll pass.
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