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-House Ra- (Political House Roleplay Guild)

SammybonesSammybones Member UncommonPosts: 18
Guild HQ: Fell's run, Rivenspire. Northpointe City, Rivenspire, Edrald estate, Rivenspire

Guild Website:

Guild Uniform Status: Newcomers: Daedric set - Veteran guild members: Dwemer set - Tavern staff/upkeep: Ancient Elf set - Order of Shadows dark RP sect: Xivkyn set - Noble housemember/regular housemember: Glass set, and Ancient Elf Set - New optional Ancient Orc Uniform set aswell for housemembers and Nobles. -

About the guild: The guild is ruled by the House Lord Count Ra. The guild deals with Political affairs throughout the realms of the Daggerfall Covenent. The guild is about control, and power. Guild members are given the option to gain more power, and control amongst other guild members through a political system that is set up. The guild will host ceremonies for the initiates that wish to become a vampire, or werewolf in a special ritual once a week. It is optional to be a vampire or werewolf in the guild as were are a political House amongst the realms of the Daggerfall Covenent. You do not have to be a vampire/werewolf to be in the guild or have any chance of be a high ranking member. All are equal, and all are accepted 

How the political system works: You Icly recruit players into the guild. If you recruit them they will be labeled as your servant, or follower. More followers will give you political leverage in debates, guild decisions, and more. This is entirely optional. If you enjoy playing a support role in the guild you can just roleplay as a house servant/member to Count Ra or other Nobles, and Councilmen.

Ranking: Councilmen are just below the level of the House Lord Count Ra. They control affairs and decide crucial focal points on what path the guild should go down.
Nobles: They are a level down from the Councilmen. The are the council's right hand men, and oversee the Council's land, and control in their name.
Member/Servant: They are your average member of the house. They are the common people of the house. Servants do upkeep and labor for the house.
House assassin: They are the ones who do the dirty work within the shadows dealing with any sort of issue for the house that involves dirty work. For example, assassinations, poisioning an enemy, spying, and gathering information etc.
Vampire Cultist: These people spread the gift of the Vampire curse in the name of the Almighty Count Ra. The travel throughout Tamriel recruiting new vampiric servants to serve the dark master.
Initiate: They are members that seek the vampiric curse but need to show that they are worthy of such a gift, and swear a blood oath to serve Count Ra, and his council.

Contact Mazoob Ulaak if you wish to join the assassins order within the guild.

Update: We now have a Werewolf sect in our guild. It is ran by Council member Caboose. Message@Cabooselost1 ingame to join House Ra's Werewolf sect.
Werewolf Ranking:
Werewolf Cultist: The seek to spread the gift of Hircine throughout the realms of Daggerfall in the name of Count Ra, and Caboose.
Werewolf of House Ra: Is the basic ranking for any werewolf member serving in House Ra. They shall take on many roles for the House.
Added guild sects: Tavern Staff, innkeeper: They will manage the tavern upkeep at our guild inn at Fell's run.
Order of Shadows: A secret order within House Ra that seeks to take over all of tamriel, fitting for dark roleplayers.

If you are interested in joining the guild whisper me or seek me out ICly. My char is named Count Ra, or @sammybones
See you ingame!
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