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Do you still play GW2 if you didn't buy HoT?



  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134
    observer said:
    simplius said:

    the funny thing is, if i hadnt bought it , i might still had been playing

    this is worse, than MOP

    MoP was a great expansion if you can get past the pandaren theme and story.  It gets so much hate due to pandas, which is a shame.  The zones were good, multiple major content updates, crafting streamlined, and many new features.

    MoP butchered the skill tree, and gave us pet battles instead

    it was horrible, and the numbers show that

    many people bought it, we wanted more WoW

    but many of us left the game shortly after that

  • FindarielFindariel Member UncommonPosts: 222
    Goromhir said:
    i would buy HoT for $20 and play the game again.  anything else is to expensive for that 
    Agreed, $20-$25 would be a good price for existing users. I mean: you don't even get an extra character slot if you "update" (unless you pre-ordered). I don't see why ANet doesn't reward existing players.

    But yes, I still play GW2 with some friends that I recommended to get a free account.
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